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Quickly Answer the Hardest Questions in IT

Ask SysTrack leverages IBM Watson Cognitive Services
to enable a natural language interface to get information
from the SysTrack Workspace Analytics platform

Why Do You Need a Workspace Analytics Insight Engine?

Why is it so hard to get information out of IT when almost every enterprise has invested heavily in both IT analytics and search solutions?

The old saying “familiarity breeds contempt” captures a root cause of many enterprise IT search failures. Public search engines are part of the fabric of everyday life. They are simple to use, and generally perform well. Many executives and end users expect IT to deliver similar results with similar investment and effort.

The Ask SysTrack workspace analytics insight engine applies relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze data to allow for information to be delivered interactively and in the context of the user at timely business moments.

With Ask SysTrack users can interactively analyze IT data with natural-language queries, and, as such, instantly see and understand the most important insights found in the data.

“By combining IBM Watson cognitive services with SysTrack workspace analytics, the Ask SysTrack insight engine puts IT insights at the fingertips of business users exactly when they need them.

The more IT data that organizations collect, the harder it is to find the data they need.

Just as consumer search engines enable easy discovery of information, so IT departments and workspace service providers must also create value for business users through a similar means of natural language and contextual search.”

— Piero Chiodo, Vice President, Client Care Services
GTS Mobility Services, IBM

Answering Real Business Questions with Workspace Analytics

The “Business Value of IT” is a moving target. Few can define it well or accurately. At some level, IT business value is the display and communication of numbers, sometimes it’s a relationship or feeling, and at other times, it's a complex process for IT-based transparency or analytics. Often, the quest for IT business value is a false journey, because the right questions are not being asked or the drivers of the questions are different from the expected answer.

Ask SysTrack
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Ask SysTrack
Natural Language Interface

When a CFO asks a CIO, “What is the business value of IT?” What are they asking? The CFO’s question about IT could be as tactical as “What is the cost of IT this year versus last?” Or as pragmatic as, “How has IT made the business more agile?” Or it could really be an investigation of what is new with IT that can help sustain the enterprise, what new products and services we can buy to replace old and expensive stuff, and what is the next innovative idea or business model that we could adopt into our esoteric business model.

A critical component to defending and justifying IT business value is the ability to estimate, compare, contrast and determine the drivers for IT benchmarks — in other words, answer questions about IT.

However, for many, IT benchmarks often do not “connect” to components higher up the enterprise value chain and, as such, their purpose is limited to defending and justifying what is done now. For example:
  • “Is user experience getting better or worse?”
  • “What applications are being used most often in my organization?”
  • “Which users are consuming the most bandwidth?”
The answers to these question must be contextual to the person and scenario. Unless this “connection” is contextual to the person asking the question and the current business need, then value-based discussions of change related to IT will be forever buried within higher-level components, stakeholders at higher levels in the enterprise value chain will make suboptimal decisions, and the estimation and risks associated with IT-enabled business change will be less reliably timely, correct or successful.


Ask SysTrack
Ask SysTrack

Ask SysTrack
Ask SysTrack

SysTrack Workspace Analytics
SysTrack Workspace Analytics

With Watson
Ask SysTrack
is built with Watson

Best of VMworld 2016 Judges Choice
Ask SysTrack
Best of VMworld 2016 – Judges' Choice
Disruptive Technology

“Uses natural language queries to allow users to search across all [the company’s] products and data that it collects.

This innovation saves time and lets users discover the most appropriate data more efficiently than searching manually.”

Best of VMworld Award Judges

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