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Fast, Accurate Implementations
Through Insight into Software Utilization

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The development of a robust implementation plan must first begin by discovering those computing needs that make each environment unique. By first assessing the “why” of software packages, the process of deciding the “how” is greatly simplified by making the discussion purely about technological requirements.

Extracting relevant information as efficiently as possible depends on finding the right tools to provide the insight and later the reporting or data interaction necessary for action. Using a toolset designed for direct integration makes the transformation from discovery to delivery seamless and simple, greatly reducing the time and cost of migrating to the right future environment.

Superior Decisions Based on Real World Data

The true power of using a data-driven discovery process with SysTrack is the ability to directly feed decisions derived from real world data into a remediation engine directly. Instead of an extended reporting phase and time consuming manual data import process, information is presented on demand for rapid drafting and what-if analysis. More importantly, through using SysTrack for use case planning, the important provisioning choices are already prepared for AppDNA remediation.

Unparalleled Effort and Time Savings

Using AppDNA for application remediation decreases drastically the cost and time spent fixing compatibility issues for direct installation and for virtualization. Instead of spending many hours per package, often missing critical packaging considerations, AppDNA provides a quick, straightforward method to quickly analyze large numbers of packages. Pairing this with the ability of AppDNA to plug directly into the SysTrack DataMine to take collected data to provide immediate remediation instruction and packaging provides unparalleled effort and time savings.

Faster, More Accurate Migrations

Using the tools in conjunction provides a solution complex enough to be customized to any environment while still shortening an entire migration into one uniform process. By uniting assessment data, design information, and swift remediation, delivery is not only done more quickly, but far more accurately.

Automated Aggregation
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  SysTrack Visualizer
Automated Aggregation of
Software Package Information


white paper
Software Rationalization and Remediation with SysTrack and Citrix AppDNA

white paper
SysTrack and Citrix XenDesktop 7: Future State Virtualization and Performance Management

Best of Synergy 2014

Best of Synergy 2012

“AppDNA uses SysTrack DataMine data to access key metrics that, initially, allow our users to audit their environment for both known and unknown applications and make informed rationalization decisions based on usage and other factors.

This gives our customers the ability to plan their migrations with greater effectiveness and confidence.”

Paul Schnell
VP product engineering
for AppDNA
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