SysTrack for
Citrix® XenApp and Terminal Servers

Ensure Peak Application/System Efficiency and
Optimum User Experience in Terminal Farm Environments

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Management tools that only provide system level metrics are inadequate for managing Terminal Servers. In any thin-client environment it is imperative for administrators to have end user metrics. Without end user metrics educated implementation decisions are not possible.

SysTrack provides extensive user level statistics that are crucial to managing thin-client systems. By providing the deepest visibility into your Citrix XenApp servers and farms, SysTrack can help you right-size and proactively monitor and manage those environments to ensure performance and meet SLAs.

Benefits for Monitoring Terminal Servers

  • Improve end user experience and productivity
  • Discover and diagnose poorly performing applications/systems
  • Reduce unused hardware & software
  • Accurately plan 64-bit deployments, and farm expansion and reductions
  • Minimize hardware expenditures with accurate capacity planning
  • Reduce system downtime while meeting SLAs

Features Specifically Engineered for Thin-Client Systems

  • Extensive user auditing
  • Real time health and availability monitoring
  • Root cause / historical forensic analysis
  • License usage tracking including concurrent license reporting
  • Application audit trail
  • Graphing/Tracking active sessions
  • End user latency measurement
  • Historical system utilization to identify consolidation candidates
  • Capacity planning metrics / Server sizing
  • Inventory change management and validation
  • System lockdown and security
  • Detailed reporting and executive summaries of server farm health

The Original Terminal Server Management Tool

Lakeside Software's SysTrack technology was originally designed specifically for thin-client systems. SysTrack manages Terminal Servers (with or without Citrix), Servers, and Desktops and is massively scalable. Lakeside Software licensed its original SysTrack 1 technology (written in 1997) to Citrix Systems in 1999 and became the core of the product known as Citrix RMS (Resource Management Service).


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XenApp Server Management with SysTrack

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Application Virtualization Assessment

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SysTrack and Citrix XenDesktop 7: Future State Virtualization and Performance Management

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