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SysTrack is the leading End User Analytics solution for XenApp and XenDesktop implementations. From assessment of existing traditional or Citrix environments, to transformation/migration to XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6, to monitoring and managing the entire environment, SysTrack offers advanced analytics and insights to IT and the business. SysTrack delivers tight integration with Citrix Director, AppDNA, HDX 3D Pro Graphics and GPU monitoring and sizing, and is the Winner of 2014 Best of Synergy in the Virtualization category.

Some of the largest Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop production environments have been built based on SysTrack end-user assessments and are being actively monitored on an on-going basis.

Citrix Director
The Ask SysTrack insight engine is integrated with Citrix Director. Using either the native Ask SysTrack interface or the Ask SysTrack search bar conveniently located in the Citrix Director console, Citrix administrators can ask Citrix-related questions in the Ask SysTrack natural language interface – such as “Do I have any Citrix licensing concerns?” or “Do I have any Citrix sessions in an unregistered state?” – and be taken directly to the place in the Citrix Director console where relevant XenDesktop or XenApp system or session details can be viewed. Any question that can be asked of Ask SysTrack can now be asked directly from within Citrix Director, with drill down into SysTrack data.

A new SysTrack plugin for Citrix Director allows user experience trends to be viewed natively within the Citrix Director interface. This gives Citrix administrators visibility into the historical user experience of desktop groups, enabling them to quickly and intuitively realize and understand current performance and potential performance issues. Links into the SysTrack interface are available so they can drill down to even more detail.
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Skype for Business Assessment
Citrix's HDX RealTime Optimization Pack (RTOP), developed with and endorsed by Microsoft, allows Skype for Business to be published as a virtualized application or within a virtual desktop with the same performance as a local installation. The SysTrack Citrix Skype for Business Usage Assessment can be used to explore the current environment and summarize the data that is most relevant for determining the benefits of adopting the HDX RTOP.
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Secure Browser Analysis
The SysTrack Citrix Secure Browser Analysis assesses the current state of browser usage in the environment to try and articulate the net advantage of moving to Secure Browser. How many different web applications are currently used? How many internal web applications are interacted with? How frequently do browsers hang or crash? What plugins are the most common in the enterprise?
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Cloud-based Citrix Assessment
The Citrix Health Assessment is a free, cloud based service that delivers SysTrack’s unparalleled data to help admins manage and plan for Citrix environments. Utilizing SysTrack’s patented distributed database architecture and SSL connections for data transfer, users get the data they’ve come to expect from SysTrack with the security to make sure it’s kept safe.
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Citrix XenDesktop
SysTrack provides user-level statistics and actionable intelligence crucial for optimizing XenDesktop transformation projects and managing the XenDesktop environment on an on-going basis. SysTrack had been successfully tested and verified by Citrix as Citrix Ready™ for XenDesktop 7.

Citrix AppDNA
SysTrack discovers all present applications and software packages – whether actively managed by IT or procured by departments or individuals. The package list can easily be imported into Citrix AppDNA for compatibility testing and provides immediate remediation instructions for unparalleled effort and time savings.

In order to leverage these powerful new options a complete portfolio analysis using SysTrack can first provide key data to isolate graphically intensive applications and their use cases, then provide thorough resource consumption characterization for infrastructure planning, and finally quantify their operation and impact on end-user experience in the newly optimized environment.

Citrix Consulting Services
Citrix Consulting Services (CCS) has standardized on SysTrack as the preferred choice for CCS consultants for desktop transformation assessments and issue resolution projects.

“ SysTrack end user analytics significantly facilitate desktop transformation assessments and issue resolution initiatives, helping customers accelerate the benefits of desktop virtualization and validate the path to Citrix XenDesktop implementations.

SysTrack helps our Citrix Consulting Services consultants assist customers with accelerating time to value, while improving and maintaining optimal end user experience. ”

Kurt Heusner
vice president
Worldwide Consulting

Best of Synergy 2014 Best of Synergy 2012

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Press Releases

01.09.17 Lakeside Software Introduces Ask SysTrack for Citrix, Industry’s First Insight Engine for Application and Desktop Virtualization
05.25.16 Citrix secure browser assessment with SysTrack Cloud Edition
05.23.16 Introducing the Citrix health Assessment
05.22.14 Lakeside Software Wins Citrix Best of Synergy 2014 Award in the Virtualization Category
05.06.14 SysTrack Verified as Citrix Ready for Citrix XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5
08.20.13 Lakeside Software Adds Citrix XenClient to SysTrack
07.30.13 SysTrack Verified as Citrix Ready for XenDesktop 7
07.16.13 Citrix Consulting Services Standardizes on SysTrack
10.12.12 Lakeside Software Nominated Finalist for the Citrix Ready Best of Synergy Award in the Desktop Category
06.28.12 Lakeside Software Introduces SysTrack MarketPlace
10.26.11 Lakeside Software and Citrix collaborate to accelerate XenDesktop virtual desktop deployments
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