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IT Analytics for EUC Success

Who We Are

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Built on groundbreaking DataMine™ technology, Lakeside Software transforms the way that enterprises deploy, manage, secure, improve, and report on end user experience by coupling the world’s most lightweight agent with a robust data analysis engine to instantly grant complete visibility and control to administrators without impacting end user experience.

Lakeside empowers EUC operations teams with purview for end user computing to maximize visibility, optimize user experience, mitigate risk, minimize cost, automate operational tasks, and make better decisions.

Meeting the Challenge of End User Computing

Because of BYOD, IoT, consumerization, cloud adoption, and mobility, managing end user computing (EUC) remains one of the most difficult tasks undertaken by IT. Over the years tools such as application and desktop virtualization have sought to homogenize the corporate EUC workspace in order to make it easier to manage. However, with every solution designed to homogenize EUC come unique dependencies and complications.

Organizations make changes to their end user computing environments with the goal of improving quality or reducing cost. Successful management of such projects requires measurable success criteria. To make such measurements, it’s necessary to determine precisely the “before” and “after” states. These measurements are accomplished through EUC assessment. Lakeside is the defacto industry standard for EUC assessment.

The Value of Continuous Assessment

However, what happens after the project ends?

The legacy IT approach has been that once an endpoint, application, or virtual desktop is configured then the user should be expected to continue being productive with the end user computing environment they’ve been given until the next technology refresh. We now know that is not true. While there are many tools designed to give IT operational visibility over enterprise infrastructure, when it comes to something ostensibly simple, like users complaining their desktops are “slow” – what tools does IT have at its disposal to validate and measure the business impact of such issues. Is it a configuration change? A threat? On the endpoint? In the datacenter?

The fact is that well managed computing environments need to be continuously assessed both for performance and security in order to enhance business productivity and the minimum cost necessary to achieve it.

That’s why so many companies have turned to Lakeside Software’s SysTrack for EUC success.

Real, Objective Data for Better Decisions

Success is an objective measure, not a subjective estimation. It is based on science and fact. It is carried out through the discovery, organization and analysis of evidence. We empower IT operations teams to maximize visibility, minimize costs, automate operational tasks, and make better decisions – in other words, we are the EUC success platform. With our solution, users are never encumbered, while IT is enabled to continuously ensure a successful, productive state for employee EUC environments, whether physical or virtual.


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End User Computing Success Platform

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