Helpdesk Diagnostics and Incident Response

Proactively Identify and Resolve Problems for Improved User Satisfaction and Productivity and Lower IT Costs

Desktop problem resolution today is a particularly intractable IT issue. Problems that users have with their computer systems are typically resolved in an inefficient manner that saps organizational productivity and wastes scarce technical resources.

  • Reactive, Not Pro-Active Support
  • The process may begin with the user noticing a problem such as performance degradation. The user may wait to report the problem until he/she is confident the problem is persistent. The user then calls the organization’s Help Desk for assistance. The first level technician will frequently log the call, ask for details of the problem, and then pass the call on to a second-level technician for problem analysis. If the second level technician cannot resolve the problem, the user may be redirected to even more senior third-level technicians.
  • Lost User Productivity
  • For the end-user, the phone time spent on service resolution is lost productivity. The anticipation of an interminable problem resolution process leads many users to forgo reporting problems and suffer quietly (or not so quietly) with a continual drain on their productivity.
  • Wasted IT Resources
  • For the organizational service desk, time spent by the first-level technician listening to the user provide a non-technical explanation of problem symptoms is wasted productivity. The plethora of emerging desktop technologies such as virtual desktops, iPads and terminal servers increases the complexity of isolating the location and nature of the problem.
  • Unnecessary Escalation Further Wasting IT Resources
  • Escalation to senior technicians becomes even more expensive and they may need additional information, information that a non-technical user may be unable to provide. As more time is spent on each call, wait times grow and fewer calls can be handled. Furthermore, time spent by senior technicians on user problem resolution is time not spent focusing on more strategic, high-value projects where those technicians’ expertise is needed. This “dumbing down” of the senior technicians’ function can develop into a serious staff satisfaction issue.

SysTrack Resolves Problems Fast

SysTrack provides heightened visibility into physical and virtual user desktops to enable IT to quickly diagnose and resolve problems.
  • Improved IT efficiency and cost savings through reduced problem time-to-resolution
  • Improved quality of service (QoS) delivery through enhanced user productivity and satisfaction
  • Fewer Help Desk service calls
  • Frees senior IT staff to focus on priority tasks

First Level Technician Empowerment

SysTrack empowers first level technicians to diagnose and resolve user service issues themselves. SysTrack performs heuristic differential analysis between the problem system and all physical and virtual user systems or any subset to identify and learn where behavior diverges from the norm.
  • SysTrack can tell you exactly what applications are present on every user system.
  • SysTrack can provide insight into related usage patterns, helping you understand application dependencies and relations.
  • SysTrack can provide insight into temporal usage patterns, helping you understand daily usage patterns, and distinguish between applications used infrequently but intensively, versus applications used infrequently but continually.
  • SysTrack can provide insight into problematic usage patterns, helping you understand which applications are failing or generating calls to your Help Desk.

Rapid Problem Identification

With only the user’s name, SysTrack immediately identifies the offending system, displaying critical key performance indicators (KPIs) and highlighting KPIs out of normal range. Data is presented tabularly and graphically for easy interpretation and insight.

Continuous Automatic Monitoring

SysTrack can eliminate many service calls and resolve problems before users are aware of them. SysTrack continuously monitors literally hundreds of KPIs on every user system with a DataMine™ agent, tracking application behavior, system performance and changes to user system configuration. Alerted as specified thresholds are exceeded, technicians can make the necessary adjustments to proactively correct the problem.

Resolve Dashboard
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SysTrack Resolve

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