How SysTrack Works

Proprietary Data Collection/Aggregation Technology

SysTrack is based on its patented DataMine™ technology, which deploys a very light weight agent to desktop and server systems. The agent collects thousands of data points every 15 seconds and leverages a myriad of available public and private APIs along with proprietary functions to do so.

The data is kept locally on the monitored system and the SysTrack agent shares a representative and relevant summary of the data with a centralized server called the Master Server once per day with minimal network impact. The Master Server is leveraging a SQL Server infrastructure as a central data repository.

SysTrack Tools

SysTrack includes a collection of analytics tools and visualizers that can thought of as sitting on top of DataMine™. These tools track which specific data are stored on the central database and which data live on the monitored system. Typically, the data on the monitored system is more granular and SysTrack can always access them if needed. This distributed architecture allows SysTrack to be highly scalable and it provides a true big data solution that does not require massively parallel computing clusters to analyze the data.

Massively Scalable Technology

For large deployments, multiple master servers can be configured to work in unison and share data in a tree-like architecture that provides unprecedented scalability. Lakeside’s largest customers currently manage production deployments with well over 300,000 monitored systems, resulting in about 100,000,000 collected data points per second.

Deep Insights

The majority of the collected data is intended to provide deep insights into the operational health of the monitored system and to help IT organizations provide the best user experience to their users and the businesses they support.


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How SysTrack Works

SysTrack Workspace Analytics
SysTrack Workspace Analytics

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