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Quickly assess server infrastructure to determine how any infrastructure can be transformed for increased reliability, quality of service, and support cost reduction

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One of the largest problems facing the enterprise today is the choice of when, if, and how to migrate critical application, database, and infrastructure servers from older Windows Server versions to more up to date solutions. With Windows Server 2003 targeted for end of life in 2015 transformation becomes even more critical to undertake to ensure compliance with security and patching.

Understanding key aspects of the current estate is necessary to make informed decisions about how to approach modernizing the data center; the choice to retire certain applications, move them to newer platforms, or perhaps leverage power cloud-based options in Azure can only be made with a wealth of collected and analyzed information.

SysTrack gives immediate visibility into the demand and utilization of aging infrastructure, providing key insight into what opportunities exist for delivery optimization, consolidation, and evolution of the critical components in any environment.

System Configuration and Inventory

  • Windows Servers Features and Roles — Quickly take stock of what the requirements are for servers hosting business critical applications.
  • Software Inventory — Gain a thorough understanding of the software currently deployed on every platform to better plan what components are necessary for the environment.
  • Hardware Configuration — Determine what compute, memory, and disk allocation exists for current systems to assist in planning for consolidation or virtualization.

Usage Analysis and Characterization

  • Application Dependency Discovery — Identify connections to critical application servers and port utilization.
  • Application Activity — Determine not just whether an application is used, but whether it’s truly driving a high degree of active interaction.
  • Demand Analysis — Report on the level of concurrent demand easily, providing insight into what provisioning may be necessary in the future state environment.

Performance Reporting and Planning

  • Proactive Health Analysis — With an insight into the key performance indicators on every system SysTrack gives the native ability to track end-user experience with an easy to understand performance index that allows diagnosis of problems before they become crippling issues.
  • Resource Trending — Quickly report on resource consumption, for individual systems or groups of platforms, to understand current and historical performance.
  • Virtualization Capacity Calculation — By taking the detailed system metrics continuously collected across all systems, SysTrack Virtual Machine Planner provides an essential roadmap for planning infrastructure virtualization by reporting the capacity requirements and provisioning necessary for the environment to work as needed.

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