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Windows 10 Migration   “Lakeside Software provides essential IT telemetry for Windows 10 with their SysTrack end-user analytics platform. SysTrack helps customers reduce helpdesk costs and improve risk management by providing an ‘inside out’ view of desktop performance and user interactions.”

Margaret Arakawa
general manager
Windows 10 & Devices

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Business Challenges and Priorities

The SysTrack End User Analytics Platform

Migration to Cloud Services
As the demands of businesses continue to evolve, Windows 10 is prompting organizations to reconsider their computing environments through the lens of making people productive and secure. The growing intersection of people’s personal and professional worlds has spurred an increasingly mobile workforce, with users often bringing their own connected devices and cloud services to work. Business adoption of SaaS applications has emerged from the realm of “Shadow IT” – in fact, Office 365, delivered as a Microsoft cloud service is now considered a core element of IT infrastructure in many organizations. Cloud adoption is a welcome change for both IT and the business, it reduces management costs, and offers quicker access to security capabilities and product innovations.

Effective End User Cloud Support
However one thing has not changed, end-users still expect IT to keep them productive and support them when they encounter technological hurdles. IT is tasked with responding to the workforce by addressing their critical business requirements. IT is challenged to efficiently provide users with consistent, robust experiences across devices and locations; minimizing user downtime while securing confidential corporate data; and streamlining provisioning of corporate resources and migration to Windows 10. Since SaaS applications are delivered from cloud providers, datacenter and network monitoring and management tools provide IT with increasingly less of the purview they require to effectively support end-users.

Improve User Experience and Compliance
SysTrack is a platform architected to quantify endpoint performance and optimize end user experience by providing actionable telemetry and insights, thus enabling IT to continue supporting end-users as the business migrates to cloud services and SaaS. SysTrack addresses today’s end-user computing challenges; empowering IT to enable employees while simplifying support and risk management through a centralized and unified console. SysTrack enables IT to gain “inside out” visibility from the endpoint. Whether users are inside or outside the corporate network; accessing local, virtualized, or cloud applications, IT is able to improve user experience and compliance.

Root Cause Analysis
Since the advent of Windows adoption in the enterprise, selective application and Windows updating has been an expensive, thankless task for IT professionals. Windows 10 migration is an opportunity for IT to build telemetry into their end-user computing environment from the ground up so that they can best support their end-users as well as efficiently interact with Microsoft and other Software-as-a-service providers. While there are many tools designed to give IT operational visibility over enterprise infrastructure, when it comes to something ostensibly simple, like an end-user complaining their desktop is “slow” – What tools can IT rely on for root cause analysis? Was it user error, hardware failure, network latency or a service provider issue? This is where SysTrack desktop telemetry becomes a critical component of the end-user computing operational lifecycle. Lakeside SysTrack’s assessment capabilities provide unparalleled analysis of the components essential for IT success – virtual or physical, local or cloud, memory, storage, compute, and bandwidth.

Why Consider Lakeside SysTrack

Visibility Control

Improved End-User Productivity: With SysTrack telemetry, Lakeside Software ushers IT into the age of the quantified user. Real time visibility into user experience and system performance enables faster problem resolution and evidence-based (rather than project-based) procurement.

Comparative Analytics: SysTrack helps IT identify how their enterprise user experience and system performance compare across geographical locations, organization units, and with SysTrack Community even users in their vertical or companies of similar size.

“Inside-Out” visibility: The benefits of “outside-in” monitoring and management tools that rely on visibility from the datacenter or the network in the endpoint decrease as services are delivered from the cloud by third parties. The endpoint is the ultimate vantage point from which to analyze user experience and system performance.


Improved IT Productivity: Since Microsoft rigorously tests the Windows platform as an integrated whole, automatic software updates occasionally create customer-unique quality issues. SysTrack builds telemetry into the desktop, enabling IT to understand the impact of software updates on end-user experience.

Easy to Deploy: The SysTrack agent is invisible and is engineered to have no discernible impact on system performance. SysTrack begins collecting data immediately and gives IT complete visibility and control over its Windows desktop estate. The management console can be deployed on-premises or as an azure-based cloud service.

Risk Visualization: Instant triaged visibility and scoring of endpoint risk vectors. Understand user behavior and its impact to enterprise risk. Full forensic kill chain visibility exposes everything from administrative actions to binary executions.


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