SysTrack for
Windows Performance Optimization

Powerful automated analysis and alerting provide easy to understand scoring of health with the performance information necessary for end-user experience optimization and root cause discovery

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Ensuring end-user satisfaction and productivity is essential in any organization, but the collection of the huge volume of system metrics and performance trending can prove difficult or even impossible given the scale and complexity of many environments. Moreover the effort it takes to navigate through a sea of data can make optimization projects expensive and incredibly time consuming.

Effective IT organizations require a toolset that not only provides the ability for collection and manual analysis of data, but summarizes performance information in an easily understood format to quickly provide insight into experience trends and highlight areas of concern. Detailed visibility on demand with summarized data for quick action is a necessity.

SysTrack not only continuously collects the detailed system performance metrics necessary for detailed problem analysis, it also calculates an easy to understand end-user experience score that provides immediate insight into problem areas in the environment.

End-User Experience Management

  • System Health Analysis — Using a unique calculation mechanism SysTrack presents a normalized service quality or health score for every system in the environment, making diagnosis of problem systems completely painless.
  • Role Driven Collection — Many systems in the environment serve unique purposes, and SysTrack can be dynamically configured for different types of platforms through the use of Roles that are built into the collection platform. This provides customized settings without the complication of manual setup.
  • Proactive Alerting and Notifications — SysTrack natively provides alerts for known conditions, like resource oversubscription, application failures, or critical log entries. These are fully customizable and can be configuration to work with existing help desk ticketing systems.

System Performance Trending

  • Detailed System Metric Recording — SysTrack continuously monitors system performance and user activity on each child system, periodically sending statistically descriptive data up to a master system for reporting and analysis; the patented approach for SysTrack’s Data Mine, a distributed database architecture, provides unparalleled scalability for analysis and collection.
  • Historical Activity Reporting — For each system the Black Box Data Recorder provides a full historical record of application and user behavior, by default allowing up to three years of records to be reviewed.

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