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This Month's Focus: Citrix XenApp Issue 01, July 2015

The Month's Features

Use Case

XenApp FMA migrations and Flying Airplanes

Florian Becker, Senior Director Alliances

Our global lead for strategic alliances Florian Becker is drawing some interesting comparisons between migrating a Citrix XenApp farm to the new FMA architecture and flying airplanes. It's actually more like riding a bicycle.

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Product News

A SysTrack Kit for Citrix EdgeSight 5.4 users

Ben Murphy, Senior Application Engineer

Ben Murphy recently wrote an extensive blog about how most of the reports from EdgeSight 5.4, and even some expanded functionality is now available in a SysTrack Kit. Our intent is to cover and expand on all of the most important items administrators were used to with EdgeSight 5.4. To help with the transition the blog includes mappings of legacy content to our toolset and updated reports as well as coverage of enabling the required data collection. Ben also touches on setting up external connections and customization available in our dashboards to integrate external data from sources like the Citrix Director database. Think of it as a reintroduction to an old friend with a new look.

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Customer Story

Aibel Case Study

Tal Klein, VP Strategy

Thomas Poppelgaard recently wrote a great blog post referencing a recent case study we published on how SysTrack helped Aibel, a leading supplier of engineering services related to oil, gas and renewable energy with around 5,500 employees worldwide finalize their virtual desktop transformation. Aibel is a strategic adopter of desktop virtualization technology and is currently delivering virtual desktops to around 4,500 users. I encourage you to read about how Thomas and his peer Magnar Johnsen from FirstPoint used SysTrack and NVIDIA GRID to enable virtual transformation of 1500 CAD/CAM workstations.

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Use Case

SysTrack Use Case: Troubleshooting Application Faults

Ryan Wood, Applications Engineer

Application problems often get communicated to IT organizations via their end users and the reports are sometimes cryptic and not very actionable. Users may say things like "it's slow",. "it doesn't work" or "it crashes" and IT is often forced to wait for a repetition of the issue. Ryan Wood describes how SysTrack helps with troubleshooting application issues in this month's use case.

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