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This Month's Focus: Windows 10 Issue 02, August 2015

The Month's Features


Windows 10 - Readiness, Transformation, and Operational Success with SysTrack

Jeremy Steinman, Director of Strategic Alliances - Microsoft Worldwide

From beginning to end and then onward through continuous assessment, SysTrack gives IT the visibility to create the most productive user experiences on Windows 10 and beyond. In this blog, Jeremy Steinman provides an overview to help you learn more about the valuable resources released this month from Lakeside Software designed to help businesses accelerate to Windows 10 readiness, transformation and operational success with SysTrack.

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Product News

SysTrack Kits for Windows 10 Optimization and Data Center Modernization

Ben Murphy, Senior Application Engineer

This month marks an interesting period of transition for Microsoft and the Windows landscape. In his latest blog post, Ben Murphy discusses two SysTrack Kits designed to help with the modernization and optimization of existing Windows environments as IT organizations make the move from Server 2003 and start the roadmap for migration to Windows 10.

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Use Case

SysTrack Use Case: Windows 10 Migration

Ryan Wood, Applications Engineer

The SysTrack product suite offers tools and content for everything from basic ticket resolution to advanced image planning, and a wide variety of other IT challenges. With so much available it can be helpful to see some examples of how to leverage the data being collected. The SysTrack Use Case blog series aims to provide those examples so you can get the most out of your SysTrack deployment. In the latest post, Ryan Wood explores using SysTrack for a Windows 10 migration - from researching the benefits, to scoping the project, to monitoring the impact of the upgrade.

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Customer Story

Kelsey-Seybold Case Study

Tal Klein, VP Strategy

One of the core questions Windows 10 is forcing IT leaders to ask is, “What is my desktop strategy?” Fortunately, this month we had a chance to catch up with two such leaders from one of America’s most well-known healthcare providers: Kelsey-Seybold, a business where End User Computing is a key component of doctor-patient interaction. Discover how SysTrack helps optimize the intersection of technology and humans at Kelsey-Seybold.

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