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This Month's Focus: VMware Desktop Assessment Issue 03, September 2015

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Announcing SysTrack Cloud Edition for VMware vCloud Air

Ben Murphy, Senior Applications Engineer

Lakeside and VMware have recognized the success of the SysTrack Desktop Assessment and the overwhelming demand for continuing access to the essential data it provides, and both are now pleased to announce the introduction of SysTrack Cloud Edition: SysTrack as a Service. In Ben Murphy’s blog he provides an overview of what this means for end users and introduces a white paper that goes into even greater depth on the offering.

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Guest Blog

SysTrack Cloud Edition for VMware vCloud Air

Aaron Black, Senior Product Manager, End User Computing, VMware

In his latest post Aaron Black, Senior Product Manager in End-User Computing at VMware, discusses the SysTrack Cloud Edition for vCloud Air launch and the growth of the platform for health analysis as well as continual assessment.

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Product News

SDA Image Planning and Portfolio Optimization

Ben Murphy, Senior Applications Engineer

In one of his latest posts Ben Murphy discusses the introduction of the cloud-based SysTrack Image Planner as a great expansion of the VMware SysTrack Desktop Assessment (SDA) service. One of the most requested features yet for the SDA, IP provides a method to construct a planned portfolio of software based on real user demand.

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Use Case

SDA and Image Planner

Ryan Wood, Applications Engineer

Lakeside has made VDI assessments simpler with the introduction of SysTrack Desktop Assessment, a cloud-based assessment to help plan for a VMware Horizon solution. To enhance the service Lakeside has added a new tool that aids in the development of software image plans, one of the more challenging aspects of planning for VDI. Ryan Wood continues the SysTrack Use Case blog series by discussing how Image Planner works to take a complex task and break it down to simple, easy to follow steps.

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Customer Story

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

Tal Klein, VP Strategy

While we can’t always name names when it comes to case studies, some use cases are just too good to pass up. Case in point, this month we’re featuring a case study detailing how an S&P 500 company which is the largest real estate conglomerate in the U.S. is using SysTrack to understand, manage and control their IT support costs.

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