Partnership Benefits

SysTrack Improves Client "Stickiness"

EUC projects are only successful if IT provides business units with the end user computing environments they require in order to be happy and productive. The Lakeside SysTrack EUC Success Platform aids partners in becoming “sticky” - First by enabling partners to execute successful desktop transformation projects for their clients, and then ensuring that those desktops continue to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

SysTrack Helps Partners Deliver EUC Success

Organizations make changes to their end user computing environments in order to improve quality or reduce cost. Every project undertaken has this as the goal. Successful management of projects requires measurable success criteria. To make such measurements, it’s necessary to determine precisely the “before” and “after” states. Lakeside SysTrack helps partners continuously empower IT operations teams by providing a mechanism for planning, deploying, supporting, and measuring EUC success.

Our initial assessment capabilities are the defacto standard in end user computing – they provide unparalleled analysis of the components essential for EUC success – virtual or physical, local or cloud, memory, storage, compute, and bandwidth.

Clients Need Continuous Assessment

While there are many tools designed to give IT operational visibility over enterprise infrastructure, when it comes to something ostensibly simple, like users complaining their desktops are “slow” – what tools does IT have at its disposal to validate and measure the business impact of such issues? This is where continuous assessment becomes a critical component of the EUC operational lifecycle. Is it a configuration change? A threat? On the endpoint? In the datacenter?

That’s why so many partners have turned to Lakeside Software’s SysTrack to deliver measurable EUC Success.

SysTrack Helps Partners Deliver Real Client Data

Success is an objective measure, not a subjective estimation. It is based on science and fact. It is carried out through the discovery, organization and analysis of evidence. With our platform, partners ensure that their customers’ users are never encumbered, and enable administrators to continuously assess the state of employee EUC environments, whether physical or virtual.

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