Power Management

Heuristic Power Management
Based on Real Usage Data

No organization can afford to ignore rising energy costs and their impact on the environment. IT Executives need a proven way to minimize infrastructure power consumption without negatively impacting user experience.

SysTrack achieves optimum IT infrastructure power management and maximizes savings through dynamic power schedule discovery based on actual usage. SysTrack helps organizations reclaim budget wasted on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint, with savings beginning in as little as three days.

Dynamic Power Management Schedule

SysTrack creates a unique dynamic power management schedule for each desktop based on users' actual usage patterns and access requirements. Because the schedule is based on behavioral analysis of each desktop/user, SysTrack can precisely predict users’ access needs and adjust power to be on only when and where needed. As users’ usage patterns change over time, SysTrack automatically and dynamically adjusts the power schedule to reflect these changes and ensure power management remains optimized.

SysTrack Power Management Capabilities

  • Analyzes application usage, system performance, user behavior and IT maintenance tasks
  • Creates a dynamic schedule unique to each PC
  • Leverages Sleep and Hibernate for maximum flexibility and energy savings
  • Wakes up the PC before tasks or users are expected to use the system
  • Accommodates user behavior and maintenance activities automatically
  • Responds to changing schedules dynamically


  • Monitors device inventory, usage and tracks power consumption
  • Automated savings reports detail current and future savings, with before and after energy consumption reports to quantify savings
  • Reports show individual, groups and enterprise power savings totals
  • Reports show instantaneous and total power consumption
  • Installs within minutes using built-in deployment tool
  • Scalability beyond 250,000 systems
  • Flexible configuration allows IT to maintain control


  • Reduces bottom-line energy costs and saves energy
  • Reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
  • Provides greater savings than fixed schedule solutions
  • Self-funding: pays for itself

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Power Management
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