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New Features

download   New Features in the SysTrack 8 Workspace Analytics Platform
SysTrack 8 provides a wide set of product enhancements to both improve the ease of reporting and vastly extend the amount of data available. This document covers the major improvements and new features of that release.

Discovery and Analysis

download   SysTrack Visualizer
SysTrack Visualizer introduces a quality measurement system that is purpose-built for the desktop world, with systematic support for massive scale, mobility and actionability of data. SysTrack puts CIOs, administrators and help desk technicians on the same page by providing a uniform system that promotes role-appropriate views on a common data mine.

download   SysTrack Resolve
SysTrack Resolve provides IT Help Desks with heightened visibility into physical and virtual user desktops that enables them to quickly diagnose and resolve problems, dramatically enhancing end user experience and productivity while significantly reducing IT personnel involvement.

download   SysTrack Dashboard
SysTrack Dashboard offers a means for IT professionals to easily create, save, share and refine custom views of any of the data available to them in their enterprise. Being able to visualize, compare and contrast data not normally seen together exponentially increases the value of the data and translates into improved insight into key performance measures, improved decision-making and improved end user productivity.

download   SysTrack vScape
SysTrack vScape leverages SysTrack's continuous feed of real-time end-user data to specifically monitor virtual infrastructure and identify the sources of environmental issues.

download   SysTrack Operations
SysTrack Operations provides broad visibility into the health of your end-user computing environment, with prioritized alerting for prompt issue remediation and enhanced end-user experience.

download   SysTrack Report Center
Busy IT executives want reporting to be quick and easy. SysTrack Report Center provides a single location for accessing all of your SSRS reports.

download   Ask SysTrack
Ask SysTrack leverages IBM Watson Cognitive Services to enable a natural language interface for the SysTrack Workspace Analytics platform. SysTrack utilizes detailed system resource, application state, and user activity data in order to provide actionable analytics and insights for all facets of IT.


download   SysTrack Virtual Machine Planner
SysTrack Virtual Machine Planner (VMP) is an essential tool that provides comprehensive pre-virtualization analysis, modeling and planning support for enterprises and data centers.

download   SysTrack Image Planner
SysTrack Image Planner provides a blueprint for implementation of VDI desktop pools and golden images for non-VDI environments based on real user behavior and actual application license demand. Use of SysTrack IP can dramatically reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for users by minimizing application licensing and maintenance costs, reducing administrative overhead and leveraging efficiencies through concurrent use of desktop pools.

download   SysTrack MarketPlace
SysTrack MarketPlace is a dynamic library of customized, vendor-specific reports that deliver quantitative data on infrastructure performance and provide deep insight on how to optimize solution deployment.

download   SysTrack Transform
SysTrack Transform generates real-time, dynamically updating analytics, reporting dashboards and workflow to enable IT to manage their transformation projects from initial design/architecture through steady state.


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