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Many of you have invested in the SysTrack solution to provide business intelligence of the environment for physical and virtual desktops, terminal servers and/or servers. The options on this page are designed to help you better understand the many capabilities of SysTrack so you can realize the most value from your implementation.

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Get product training delivered to your desktop in the form of e-Learning modules. Text, audio, and video are combined to present you with effective training, at your pace.

Watch a recorded demonstration of SysTrack products conducted by a Lakeside Software expert. Each demonstration is about 30 minutes in length and covers product navigation and usage.

Each live, one-hour webcast is led by a Lakeside Software expert and covers a specific feature area of SysTrack. Please register at least one hour prior to the start of the event.


SysTrack 7 e-Learning

SysTrack Overview

  • High-level overview of SysTrack
  • SysTrack architecture
  • Data Mine concepts
  • SysTrack solutions
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SysTrack 7 New Features

  • Highlights major improvements and new features that expand the functionality of�SysTrack since version 6.1
  • Assumes familiarity with SysTrack 6.1
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SysTrack Dashboard I
   Viewing SysTrack Dashboards

  • What is SysTrack Dashboard?
  • Viewing dashboards
  • Using dashboard visualizations
  • Navigating the SysTrack Dashboard Viewer
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SysTrack Dashboard II
   Building a Basic Dashboard

  • What is SysTrack Dashboard?
  • How are dashboards built?
    • Adding a query, grid and chart
    • Viewing the dashboard
    • Dashboard default layout
    • Tags
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SysTrack Dashboard III
   Adding Visualizations and Data Options

  • Gauges, sparklines, and other visualizations
  • Data options
    • Library
    • Query Builder
    • Hierarchies
    • Drilldowns
    • Additional data sources
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SysTrack Dashboard IV
   Extending the Dashboard

  • Input objects
    • Option List
    • Date/Time
    • Range and Slider
    • Focus Bar
  • Additional features
    • Label and Text
    • Data Filter
    • Hierarchies
    • Connecting to SSRS data
    • Page Context
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SysTrack Report Center

  • What is SysTrack Report Center
  • How to generate reports
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SysTrack 7 Demos

SysTrack Installation
   and Configuration

  • Installing SysTrack
  • Configuring SysTrack
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SysTrack Deploy

  • Deploying SysTrack
  • Configurations
  • Alerting
  • Actions
  • Building SysTrack Groups
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SysTrack Analyze

  • Real Time System Monitoring
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Detailed Troubleshooting with the Blackbox Data Recorder
  • Application Usage Tracking
  • Web Usage Tracking
  • Application Resource Reporting
  • Alarm Management Reporting
  • Change Alarm Reporting
  • Reporting
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SysTrack Visualizers

  • End User Health Scoring and Trending
  • Detailed System Productivity Impact
  • Performance Reporting (System, Application and User Metrics)
  • Software Usage Reporting
  • Application Latency Reporting
  • Storage Reporting
  • Application Crash and Hang Reporting
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SysTrack Resolve

  • Automated Diagnostics
  • Resolve Real-time Dashboard
  • Event Correlation
  • Individual System 30 Day Health Metrics
  • System Usage
    • Software
    • Hardware
    • Websites
  • Network Dependencies
  • Application Faults
  • Graphing
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Troubleshooting and Monitoring
   with SysTrack

  • Troubleshooting end user experience issues on:
    • Physical Desktops
    • Virtual Desktops
    • XenApp Servers
    • Windows Servers
  • Understand how to diagnose if the problem is isolated or more of an enterprise issue
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SysTrack Dashboard

  • What are SysTrack Dashboards?
  • Using the SysTrack Dashboard Viewer
  • Creating SysTrack Dashboards with Dashboard Builder
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SysTrack Live Webcasts

SysTrack Dashboard
   Wednesday, October 29, 2014
   1 PM EDT / 17:00 GMT

  • What are SysTrack Dashboards?
  • Using the SysTrack Dashboard Viewer
  • Creating SysTrack Dashboards with Dashboard Builder
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SysTrack vScape
   Wednesday, November 12, 2014
   1 PM EST / 18:00 GMT

  • What is SysTrack vScape?
  • How to use vScape to monitor your virtual infrastructure
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