Solution Briefs

SysTrack offers unparalleled capabilities to develop deep insight into the end user experience. In our solution briefs, Lakeside presents use cases for SysTrack and explains how SysTrack can solve common IT challenges.

SysTrack Workspace Analytics
IT executives are under constant pressure to cost-effectively manage complex IT systems. SysTrack enables organizations to delight their employees and system users by delivering a high degree of system performance, application availability, and the most secure and productive end user computing environment.
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Workspace Analytics for VDI
To optimize user experience and realize productivity gains and cost savings, IT executives need to deeply understand the user environment to be able to take the necessary actions to drive improvement.

SysTrack can help IT organizations whether they are planning a major virtualization project or looking to continuously manage and optimize their environment post-virtualization.
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SysTrack Workspace Analytics for ServiceNow
SysTrack Workspace Analytics for ServiceNow is a new ServiceNow IT service management (ITSM) feature of the SysTrack Workspace Analytics platform. SysTrack for ServiceNow enables IT management to realize superior service desk responsiveness and maximize ServiceNow effectiveness with insightful views into detailed, historical endpoint data.
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Windows 10 Migration Success with SysTrack
Lakeside Software provides essential IT telemetry for Windows 10 with the SysTrack end-user analytics platform. SysTrack helps customers reduce helpdesk costs and improve risk management by providing an 'inside out' view of desktop performance and user interactions.
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Microsoft Windows 10, Citrix AppDNA and Lakeside SysTrack
The industry leading application compatibility software along with the industry leading end user success platform enables customers to seamlessly adopt, manage, and succeed with Windows 10. [This document is written by Citrix, Inc.]
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Lakeside SysTrack and the Citrix Workspace Suite
The industry leading end user success platform enables and supports the adoption of, migration to, and management of the Citrix Workspace Suite. [This document is written by Citrix, Inc.]
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Data Center Modernization
Enterprises today face a challenging choice of how to migrate critical applications, databases, and infrastructure servers from older Windows server versions to more up to date solutions in the datacenter and the cloud. With Lakeside SysTrack, partners can make recommendations for server migration, offering a much deeper understanding of application and resource workload utilization.
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SysTrack Certified Compatibility with VCE Vblock Ready Systems
SysTrack provides VCE Vblock™ System customers with deep application and resource data essential for accurate root cause analysis and insight into complex physical, virtual, and hybrid deployments.
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Monitoring and Management for Desktops and Servers
SysTrack provides a broad set of capabilities for managing user environments and delivering enhanced end user experience.
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Power Management
SysTrack utilizes behavioral analysis to substantially reduce IT infrastructure energy consumption and eliminate negative environmental impacts.
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XenApp Server Management with SysTrack
Citrix XenApp deployed on Microsoft Terminal Server farms provides on-demand application delivery that can significantly simplify IT application management and improve user experience. To realize these benefits requires deep insight into application usage and resource utilization.
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SysTrack and VMware vCOPs
VMware vCenter™ Operations Manager (vCOPs) and SysTrack together provide the visibility necessary to support a VMware View™ environment exactly when you need it most.
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SysTrack and VMware View™ Business Process Desktop
VMware View™ Business Processs Desktop (BPD) is a tool that enables you to manage remote VMware View™ desktops. SysTrack is a tool that enables you to optimize the end user experience of those desktops. Together, BPD and SysTrack enable you to effectively manage your remote end user experience for superior performance.
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SysTrack and VMware View™ Business Process Desktop: How-to Guide
"How-to Guide" for optimizing the VMware View Business Process Desktop remote end users experience through unprecedented visibility.
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Atlantis ILIO and Lakeside SysTrack
Lakeside Software and Atlantis ILIO enable customers to eliminate the cost, complexity, scalability and user experience challenges that typically limit VDI deployments to small pilots.
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Desktop Virtualization with AppSense and Lakeside
AppSense and Lakeside Software enable success of a VDI project by allowing IT to manage the process through user virtualization.
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Top 10 Benefits of Using AppSense and Lakeside
Lakeside Software and AppSense take the risk out of a VDI project by allowing you to manage the process from initial assessment through delivery ensuring the use of the right VDI technology, in the right places at the right time for optimal end-user experience.
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