SysTrack Dashboard

Customizable Visualization Across Multiple Data Silos

For IT, analytical tools present a dilemma: the more powerful and useful a tool is, the more complicated it is and thus the longer it takes to extract meaningful and useful insights. More screens and more data presented means it may be harder to find the nugget of information you are looking for, and even harder to quickly and easily discern insight from that data.

Additionally, IT organizations face extreme difficulty with information silos: large sets of isolated data that, while potentially valuable, cannot be easily seen or acted upon.

SysTrack Dashboard offers a means for IT professionals to easily create, save, share and refine custom views of any of the data available to them in their enterprise. The ability to construct custom dashboards also means that just the right data is visible and can be presented in just the right format. This improves visibility into key metrics, saving user time and making it easier for users to quickly draw essential insights.

Additionally, being able to visualize, compare and contrast data not normally seen together exponentially increases the value of the data and translates into improved insight into key performance measures, improved decision-making and improved end user productivity.

Customized Dashboard Interaction

SysTrack Dashboard presents data to consumers in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand manner. Through its intuitive interface, users can customize their information search and follow a natural flow to drill down to additional reports, websites, or other SysTrack components. SysTrack Dashboard can be used to create summary dashboards which, when combined with information from multiple external sources, serve as a platform to allow viewers a workflow for immediate insight across data silos. Users experience a customized dashboard interaction as their selections and choices are saved automatically.

Additionally, users can mark dashboards as Favorites and return quickly to these and other dashboards they have recently viewed. This provides an unparalleled opportunity for operational management with real-time feeds both from SysTrack and other components to provide visibility across the enterprise.

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   SysTrack Dashboard
Dashboard Builder
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   SysTrack Dashboard Builder

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SysTrack Dashboard
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