SysTrack Resolve

Automated Help Desk Diagnostics and Remediation

IT Executives face the difficult task of delivering superior user experience while controlling Help Desk costs. Users' desktop problems are typically resolved in an inefficient manner that saps organizational productivity and wastes scarce technical resources.

SysTrack Resolve provides heightened visibility into physical and virtual user desktops to enable IT to quickly diagnose and resolve problems, dramatically enhancing end user experience and productivity while significantly reducing IT personnel involvement.

Rapid Problem Identification

Resolve empowers first level technicians to diagnose and resolve user service issues themselves. Resolve performs heuristic differential analysis between the problem system and all physical and virtual user systems or any subset to identify and learn where behavior diverges from the norm.

With only the user’s name, Resolve immediately identifies the offending system, displaying critical key performance indicators (KPIs) and highlighting KPIs out of normal range. Data is presented tabularly and graphically for easy interpretation and insight.

Prompt Problem Resolution

Resolve can eliminate many service calls and resolve problems before users are aware of them. Resolve continuously monitors literally hundreds of KPIs on every user system with a DataMine agent, tracking application behavior, system performance and changes to user system configuration. Alerted as specified thresholds are exceeded, technicians can make the necessary adjustments to proactively correct the problem.

SysTrack Resolve significantly reduces problem time-to-resolution and IT service personnel involvement, enhancing end-user and IT staff productivity and satisfaction.

“With SysTrack Resolve, you can now gain insight into your physical and virtual desktops to help find the source of problems. Resolve compares processes on troublesome machines with other machines that are performing well to identify anomalies, including things like remote protocol issues or login script problems. It can even tell you how long users aren't working while waiting out performance issues, or what applications get the most attention from each of your users.

We also really like that Lakeside's products are Windows products, not virtualization products. You can use Resolve for your physical desktops and laptops, RDSH servers, VDI sessions, streamed environments, persistent and non-persistent, etc. We're big fans of viewing all Windows desktops in a company as a common platform, and we love that Resolve works across and unifies them all.”

Gabe Knuth
virtualization expert
industry luminary
Best of VMworld Award judge
08/29/2013 Blog

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Service Desk Responsiveness

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SysTrack Resolve

Best of VMworld 2013 Gold
SysTrack Resolve
Best of VMworld 2013 – Gold Award
Desktop Virtualization and End-User Computing

“IBM uses SysTrack Resolve to help diagnose performance issues in clients’ virtual infrastructure.

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce resolution times and improve user productivity while helping IT departments maintain a high performance image.

SysTrack Resolve definitely can help with this objective.”

Mary Jane Couldridge
global director for Workplace Services, Sales Strategy and Execution, IBM

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