SysTrack End User Analytics
for ServiceNow

Realize Superior Service Desk Responsiveness

SysTrack End User Analytics for ServiceNow enhances ServiceNow effectiveness
with insightful views into detailed, historical endpoint data

Dramatically Lower Service Desk Costs and Improve User Productivity

Imagine if your IT service desk had an “endpoint time machine.” If every time an end user opened a ticket, service desk technicians could immediately have access to all the relevant device, network, and application information pertaining to the issue. The reduction in time and effort required to resolve would be significantly reduced, and the end user would be back to full productivity sooner. This can be accomplished today with SysTrack End User Analytics for ServiceNow, a new ServiceNow IT service management (ITSM) feature of the SysTrack End User Analytics platform from Lakeside Software.

Business Challenges and Priorities

IT service desks strive to address demands of the digital workplace, but are constantly challenged to reduce the amount of simple and repeatable incidents and service requests they manually process. As a result, ITSM leaders are constantly looking to eliminate, automate or leverage certain incidents and service requests. The most effective method to reduce the volume of interactions into an IT service desk is to address the underlying issues beneath them: the amount of time taken by user interaction, troubleshooting research, and actual resolution. While automated problem management activities designed to identify incidents at the root cause can help, few issues have a genuinely single root cause.

From the end-user perspective, whenever performance degradation occurs (i.e. “my laptop is slow”) or access to an IT service is denied (i.e. “I can’t access my email”) and the user is unable to work at full effectiveness, if at all, they expect the IT service desk to assist them by improving performance or restoring access. There are two distinct implicit costs attributed to this process:
  • The business is less productive while end-user services are deteriorated or inaccessible
  • The quantity and type of interactions, as well as the length of time required to resolve end-user issues directly correlate to ITSM OPEX

The SysTrack End-User Analytics Platform

Lakeside Software is a leader in End User Analytics. We make SysTrack a scalable, people-centric solution that helps organizations better understand and support users’ computing needs and habits, as well as make sourcing and deployment decisions based on real data. As the enterprise end user computing landscape becomes more complex to plan, manage, and support, SysTrack increases the value of the end user computing portfolio to your business through a single platform for end user experience management, asset optimization, and ITSM augmentation, while vastly reducing the costs of managing and supporting users, applications, and devices.

Lakeside Software’s SysTrack End User Analytics for ServiceNow is a feature of the SysTrack End User Analytics platform. SysTrack for ServiceNow is a unique ServiceNow augmentation solution which integrates SysTrack’s End User Analytics with ServiceNow. Whenever an end user computing ticket is opened, SysTrack for ServiceNow inserts a snapshot of the user’s endpoint at the time the issue was identified, including detailed system resource, application state, and user activity data. This enables support teams to accelerate resolution and root cause analysis. Customers using SysTrack for ServiceNow augmentation benefit from:
  • 40% reduction in time to resolve open IT tickets by providing black box recorder-like visibility into the endpoints at the time issues are identified or reported
  • 18% reduction in IT service desk tickets opened by identifying redundant tickets reflecting issues affecting groups of users

Why Consider Lakeside SysTrack

SysTrack End User Analytics for ServiceNow


SysTrack End User Analytics for ServiceNow
SysTrack End User Analytics for ServiceNow

SysTrack Workspace Analytics
SysTrack Workspace Analytics

How SysTrack Works
How SysTrack Works

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