SysTrack Transform

Real-Time Design and Ongoing Deployment Planning

IT Infrastructure is constantly evolving. Users’ application needs and supporting hardware are in a state of constant change. IT executives and decision makers need real-time insight into their environment including guidance for optimizing their physical or virtual desktop OS upgrades, hardware changes and application migrations. To develop an agile delivery plan for complex and constantly changing user environments requires a thorough understanding of all aspects of enterprise IT.

SysTrack Transform generates real-time, dynamically updating analytics, reporting dashboards and workflow to enable IT to manage their transformation projects from initial design/architecture through steady state.

Detailed Plans Based on Real-World Data

SysTrack Transform leverages the unparalleled insight into user behavior and requirements gathered by SysTrack to allow the construction of detailed plans based on real-world data while remaining flexible through dynamic plan evolution. The ability to automatically adapt to needs as they arise and track new elements as they are introduced makes SysTrack Transform the perfect technology for planning and executing transformation in the workplace. It is this flexibility and the interoperability with SysTrack’s existing architecture design framework that gives designers and project planners all of the information and functionality they will need to optimize their unique landscape.
  • Transparency
  • Real-Time Status
  • Prioritization
  • Automation
  • Improved Project Status
  • User Satisfaction
  • Lower Costs
  • Faster Implementations

SysTrack Data Platform Architecture

SysTrack Transform is an extension to the SysTrack data platform architecture that utilizes SysTrack data to continuously assess application and workload requirements, and update and optimize your transformation plan.

Continuous Transformation Improvement

SysTrack Virtual Machine Planner (VMP) collects data for a period of time in order to generate a point-in-time snapshot of what your desktop virtualization environment should look like. This includes things like virtualization host hardware configurations, storage, networking, applications, desktop images, and more, all at a very granular level.

SysTrack Transform takes that a step further, using the same data to plan environments on a day-by-day basis. So now, instead of a one-shot report, Transform will watch the environment and make tweaks to what your virtualization environment should look like on a daily basis.

Deep SysTrack Analytics

SysTrack Transform monitors your user base via the existing SysTrack Image Planner (IP) tool, watching what users are doing to decide which image they need, which applications they need, and how those applications are best delivered on an ongoing basis. It can determine, for instance, that a user needs a certain image, plus x-number of applications (installed, streamed, RDSH, etc…). It can also determine whether those one-off apps are ready to be delivered to users, like if an app hasn't been sequenced yet.

Compatibility Database Compatibility

SysTrack Transform also plugs into Citrix® AppDNA™, a Microsoft® Windows® application compatibility database, or your own compatibility database to determine where applications should live (in the image, streamed, or otherwise). It can even use empirical data observed by SysTrack to determine compatibility, since the agent can see applications running or not running on an OS. All this adds up to a system that can determine not only what your virtualization environment should look like, but also whether or not certain users are ready to be migrated.

Transform Dashboard
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      SysTrack Transform
Transform Dashboard

Project Overview
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      SysTrack Transform
Project Overview


product brief
SysTrack Transform

product brief
SysTrack Virtual Machine Planner

product brief
SysTrack Image Planner

“SysTrack Transform is the first IT analytics tool to factor real-time, real-world user and application data into image planning.

SysTrack Transform leverages the SysTrack DataMine’s unparalleled data granularity and depth to deliver faster implementations at lower cost with higher user satisfaction.

We’re excited to introduce SysTrack Transform to our customers.”

Bruce Poor
vice president
Hogan Consulting Group
hogan consulting group
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