SysTrack Visualizer

End User Experience Visualization

Having an objective view into how well the endpoints in the computing environment are performing is critical to optimize the end user experience and reduce operational costs.

SysTrack Visualizer introduces a quality measurement system that is purpose-built for the desktop world, with systematic support for massive scale, mobility and actionability of data. SysTrack puts CIOs, administrators and help desk technicians on the same page by providing a uniform system that promotes role-appropriate views on a common data mine. SysTrack reports desktop quality in a metric that is directly relatable to business productivity and costing.

End-to-End Visualization

SysTrack Visualizer is a collection of modules designed to objectively answer enterprise IT questions from different audiences and perspectives.
  • The Desktop module provides an IT Manager perspective of specific systems and users within key organizational groups, providing in-depth problem diagnostics.
  • The Enterprise module provides a higher-level, CIO perspective, delivering a summarized picture of what’s happening across the entire desktop landscape.
  • The Server module presents metrics relevant to the various servers in an organization and allows the analysis of capacity, usage, and performance.
  • The Risk module provides reports to assist in identifying areas of potential security risk including details of application configurations and inventory, hardware and system configurations, and installed software packages.
  • The Virtual Infrastructure module provides information about how virtual hosts are performing. Key data points are provided to analyze host usage and understand which hosts are over/under utilized within the organization.
  • The Persona module provides abstract models of applications and resources according to user types, or personas. These models are based on actual work patterns, behaviors and tools observed in the environment.
Together, the SysTrack Visualizer modules allow organizations to proactively manage the environment, anticipating user problems and eliminating them before they occur. This increases IT performance and lowers the costs of dealing with problems reactively.

Applications Observations
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    Enterprise Module
Applications Observations

Desktop Module Dashboard
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    Desktop Module

Server Module Dashboard
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    Server Module

Security Risk Observation
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    Risk Module
Application Risk Assessment

Virtual Host Observations
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    Virtual Infrastructure Module
Virtual Host Observations

Site Dashboard
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    Persona Module

Measuring the End-User Experience

SysTrack Visualizer is the only desktop management solution to objectively measure and report on the quality of the end user experience. Leveraging a data mine that assesses resource demands (e.g. CPU, memory, storage, network), application and system reliability and performance, latency to client and backend servers, system events and other criteria, SysTrack Visualizer measures the extent to which the user’s productivity is impacted in terms that relate directly to business cost.

Quantifiable Reporting

Using these real measurements, SysTrack Visualizer delivers a quality scoring system that objectively reports the user experience. By comparing scores against established SLAs, SysTrack Visualizer rates this user experience, thereby providing reporting and trending. Reports at user, desktop, group, line of business site and enterprise scale are available. Reports transcend the delivery mechanism, supporting both virtual and physical environments, facilitating comparative analysis. For virtualized desktops, both persistent and non-persistent desktops are supported.

Mobile Device Support

Today’s IT environment is managed by a highly mobile workforce with a range of delivery devices. SysTrack Visualizer is available on many device form factors and is fully touch-screen enabled.


product brief
SysTrack Visualizer

“You kids have it so easy now! Lakeside SysTrack Community and Security Visualizer almost make me want to be a full-time admin again.”

Gabe Knuth, editor
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