SysTrack 7

SysTrack 7 represents a significant advancement in the creation and utilization of Big Data to enhance end user computing. and a major milestone in the evolution of SysTrack.

In its essence, SysTrack provides IT with the data they need to better visualize their workforce environment and deliver operational excellence. SysTrack 7 is easier to use, web-based, highly customizable, much more visual, and provides significant new real time capabilities.

Version 7 extends SysTrack capabilities along multiple dimensions - dashboard customization, data visualization and reporting, root cause analysis, virtual infrastructure monitoring, and more:

Dashboard Customization

  • Dynamic Content Construction — A new dashboard web application provides a dynamic method to construct customized views of any data in SysTrack.

Data Visualization and Reporting Enhancements

  • Real-Time Graphing — Real-time reporting capabilities have been extended to allow for more advanced data presentation for individual endpoints, groups of systems, and across the enterprise.
  • SSRS Integration — Advanced reporting leverages Microsoft® SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to provide detailed software inventory analysis, system configuration, virtual infrastructure, and other important environmental information.

Root Cause Analysis Enhancements

  • Comparative Analysis — A new comparative analysis engine provides quick comparison of an individual system to sets of other systems in the enterprise for most key performance metrics.
  • Real-Time Application and Health Reporting — A new, extremely efficient process feeds real-time application and health data from a child system to the master system.

Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Host Performance Analysis — A new tool – SysTrack vScape – specifically for monitoring virtual infrastructure and identifying sources of environmental issues allows for partitioning health into a guest operating system view and an infrastructure view.
  • Host Reporting Dataset — A new dataset provides a wealth of information about the virtual infrastructure; summarizing the topology with datacenter and virtual machine manager references as well as detailing the host configurations and utilization, this dataset provides an at-a-glance reference to identify infrastructure components and oversubscription.

Data Collection

  • Full Unicode Compliance — New standardized support for Unicode in all aspects of data collection and reporting enables reporting for languages requiring double-byte character support such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and many others.
  • UTC Utilization — Newly utilized UTC for standardization of timings improves data accuracy on systems with time zone changes.
  • File Size Information — Space utilization may now be captured by file type to provide deeper insight into potential endpoint space allocation issues.
  • Application Focus History — Active and in focus windows are now tracked to provide insight into application utilization and delivery optimization.

Usability Enhancements

  • Advanced Filtering — New filtering capabilities enable dataset searching using complex sets of options.
  • Exportable Drill-ins — A deeper analysis of a greater number of parameters is now possible, and this data is now easily exportable to Microsoft® Excel.
  • Panel Customization — Visualization panels are more easily customizable to facilitate ease of analysis.
  • 64-Bit Processing — Dramatically improved scalability from broader utilization of 64-bit processing to take better advantage of available system resources.
  • Database Oriented Architecture — Database changes drive significant performance improvements associated with modeling larger transformational projects.

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New Features in the SysTrack 7.0 End-User Analytics Platform

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Overview of New Features in SysTrack 7

We are excited about the release of SysTrack 7, especially the new dashboard application that allow us to create our own customized views of relevant data and enhance visibility into our environment.

Chris Breaux
Enterprise Technology Systems

Kelsey-Seybold and SysTrack
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