SysTrack for
VCE Vblock™ Systems

Compatibility Tested and Verified
Certified “VCE Vblock Ready”

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Organizations are implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to more effectively manage end-user devices. VDI enhances security and data protection and facilitates compliance with privacy regulations such as the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the European Union Privacy Regulations.

VCE Tested and Certified “VCE Vblock Ready”

Lakeside has formed a strategic alliance partnership with VCE to deliver enhanced insight for Vblock™ Systems.

Vblock Ready logo SysTrack provides VCE Vblock System customers with deep application and resource data essential for accurate root cause analysis and insight into complex physical, virtual, and hybrid deployments.

SysTrack utilizes heuristic modeling and inferential analysis to determine likely causes of conditions and offers specific, actionable recommendations for prompt remediation.

SysTrack enables IT organizations to implement Vblock-based virtualization, Windows® migration and other transformation projects faster while continuously monitoring infrastructure performance and end user experience to ensure efficient Vblock System resource utilization.

SysTrack for VCE Overview

SysTrack is the leading IT business intelligence solution for managing IT big data. SysTrack provides the ability to store, manage, manipulate, analyze, aggregate, combine, integrate, interpret and visualize massive structured and unstructured IT infrastructure data and inferential analysis.

SysTrack is architected to handle complex organizations with numerous sites and organizational entities through a multi-level forest design. Built-in authentication, encryption and compression technologies meet security demands while providing flexibility for complex network implementations.

SysTrack is designed for high scalability and minimal performance impact. Highly-efficient data collection, storage, aggregation and reporting algorithms minimize network traffic, transparently accommodate user mobility, and enable SysTrack to massively scale to over one million nodes.

With the SysTrack master installed on one or more Vblock System servers and minimalist agents installed on each Vblock client, SysTrack can optimize/accelerate:
  • User Experience Heath Scoring
  • VDI Assessment, Design & Planning
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Management
  • Help Desk Problem Diagnosis
  • Windows® Migration
  • Application & User Readiness

partner brief
SysTrack and VCE Vblock Ready Certification

“Superna rigorously tested SysTrack for compatibility and interoperability with Vblock Systems and SysTrack passed all tests cases with no system errors or performance degradation.

We successfully confirmed integration of SysTrack and the Vblock System.”

Andrew MacKay
chief technology officer
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