VDI Assessment, Design and Planning

Dramatically Reduce the Complexity and Risk
Involved in VDI Implementation

Implementation of VDI impacts many aspects of the hardware, software and personnel in both the data center and the end user environment. Considerations include hardware resources, application delivery design, software and licensing, networking and firewalls, storage, configuration and diagnostics and forensics. Many IT administrators resist initiating a VDI project because the complexity of the undertaking seems daunting.

SysTrack: Designed for Complex Virtualization Projects

SysTrack applies an automation model to dramatically reduce the complexity and risk involved in VDI, and helps get projects started in the right direction.

Real-world desktop virtualization projects require multi-disciplinary analysis of a wide range of criteria to create comprehensive plans. SysTrack delivers:
  • Users and Applications Analysis — SysTrack automates assessment of user and application workloads and identifies both ideal and problematic candidates for your virtualization project.
  • Existing Load Characterization — SysTrack utilizes sophisticated statistical analysis to identify the time-correlated loading expected in your virtual environment.
  • “What-if” Impact Projections for Experimentation — SysTrack plots virtualized server models and accounts for data volatility. Users can designate confidence levels based upon projected requirements.
  • Automatic Modeling Selection — SysTrack automatically selects systems to model based upon rules. Models can be used across the enterprise.
  • Target Hypervisor Hardware Selection — The SysTrack user selects target hardware for virtualization. SysTrack analyzes data and determines the appropriate host servers and the configuration required.
  • Complete Optimized Physical to Virtual Mapping — SysTrack completes the model cycle by assigning systems based upon multiple factors: Data volatility, load leveling, aggregation of like OS, and common application usage to optimize memory savings through saved memory from host and others.
  • Virtual Models for VM Assignments — SysTrack prescribes mappings for existing desktops and servers to hypervisors for optimal savings and results.
  • Automated Documentation — SysTrack creates a proposed migration plan that includes a customized Executive Summary and technical analysis documentation.

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SysTrack Virtual Machine Planner

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SysTrack Image Planner

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SysTrack Transform

Why GPU is Important for
ANY Virtualization Project
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