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download   How SysTrack Works
The desire to mine IT metadata for meaningful insights, while at the same time having immediate access to actionable information without having to know where and for what to look is a paradox facing anyone looking to truly understand the intricacies of a multifaceted infrastructure. SysTrack has evolved into an ideal data actionable analytics platform, providing complete insight into any environment by exposing all facets of technology which impact and control end user experience.

download   Office 365 Planning with SysTrack
Strategically provisioning Office 365 licenses can lead to a variety of valuable benefits for a company. There are many components to planning what the ideal Office 365 license for each user is that involve understanding the value of each license and how to efficiently switch over. Deciding what the best license is for a user involves knowing the frequency of usage for each application and understanding what comparable applications can be swapped for their Office 365 variants. Having a full understanding of these concepts can simplify the overall software portfolio and reduce licensing costs, saving the company time and money. While determining the best license for each user may seem like a complicated task, this paper outlines how SysTrack's Office 365 Planning Kit offers suggested licensing, making the process easy and straightforward.

download   Features in the SysTrack 8 Workspace Analytics Platform
SysTrack 8 provides a wide set of product enhancements to both improve the ease of reporting and vastly extend the amount of data available. This document covers the major improvements and new features of that release.

download   Ask SysTrack
With the general availability of Watson cognitive API library, it became possible to combine SysTrack’s Workspace Analytics with a powerful NLP engine to enable users to explore information collected from their IT landscape with ease.

download   Comparative Analytics with the SysTrack Community
This whitepaper explores the concepts and benefits of comparative analytics and introduces the Lakeside SysTrack Community program, which allows IT leaders unprecedented access to additional data from sources outside of their own organization.

download   Using SysTrack to Automate the Development and Management of Enterprise Personas
The value that can be derived by businesses using personas is enormous. SysTrack-based personas can be a catalyst for innovation across numerous disciplines within an enterprise.

download   Utilizing KPIs and Alarm Methods
The combination of long term user experience scores and alerts provide strong objective measurements of the end user experience and actionable data to improve the experience operationally, allowing an organization to create and maintain a successful end user environment.

End User Computing Solutions

download   End User Analytics - Proven Solutions
This white paper explains how the unparalleled granularity of data captured by SysTrack can drive down the EUC cost for Service Desk Augmentation, Asset Optimization, and End User Experience Management.

download   Big Data for End-User Computing
SysTrack’s EUC platform enables IT departments to provide a great end-user experience by collecting and correlating data, even in cases where a traditional Big Data approach may not work.

Service Desk Solutions

download   ServiceNow and SysTrack Workspace Analytics for ITSM
To help streamline resolution and automate as much of the ITSM investigative process as possible Lakeside Software has introduced SysTrack Workspace Analytics for IT Service Management as a ServiceNow store app. The net is a data driven reduction in resolution time and vastly improved user experience.

Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI)

download   The Eleven Myths of VDI Planning
As VDI projects are undertaken, many administrators unnecessarily expose themselves to risk of failure either by beginning the task without a planning exercise, or by using assessment tools that are fundamentally flawed in technical approach or capability. This white paper explores the top eleven myths about VDI planning and details how SysTrack Virtual Machine Planner can assist.

download   Planning for Desktop Virtualization
Implementation of VDI impacts many aspects of the hardware, software and personnel in both the data center and the end user environment. It is difficult for many users to get started in VDI, because the complexity of the undertaking seems daunting at the start of the project. SysTrack VMP applies an automation model to dramatically reduce the complexity and risk involved in VDI, and helps get projects started in the right direction.

download   Application Virtualization Assessment
Application virtualization simplifies the deployment and administration of software by isolating the operating system and thereby eliminating most application conflicts. This White Paper explores the benefits of application virtualization and the planning and implementation issues that must be addressed to ensure a successful result.

Windows 10 Migration

download   Upgrading Windows 10 - Transformation Success with SysTrack
Lakeside Software’s SysTrack solution addresses the critical need for IT to identify existing performance issues across endpoints and applications prior to upgrading to Windows 10, and new issues that come up after upgrading.

download   Impact Assessment: Windows 10 and Office 365 for the Enterprise Desktop
This white paper discusses the four emerging modes of enterprise end user computing and their challenge to IT's management of the Windows 10 and Office 365 end user computing experience, and how SysTrack can give IT the essential “Inside-Out” visibility for IT to effectively deliver end user satisfaction and productivity.

Solution Integration - Citrix

download   Citrix Health Assessment with SysTrack Cloud Edition
The cloud based, SysTrack as a service, model of SysTrack Cloud Edition delivers the same level of granularity and detail that Lakeside is known for, but makes the upfront requirements for preparing for SysTrack as simple as registering on a website and deploying the data collection agent. The net result is a secure and simple way to gain critical insight that helps you get the most out of your investment in Citrix.

download   Successful DaaS Implementations for Citrix Service Providers
In order to provide subscribers with a great user experience and spread the adoption of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) across a tenant’s entire organization it is imperative that service providers successfully migrate existing desktops and workstations from the physical world into the DaaS environment. This whitepaper describes an industry leading methodology along with the right tools and processes to transform end-users into happy and productive subscribers.

download   Citrix XenApp® Modeling with SysTrack
SysTrack provides the ability to not only model VDI workloads with a known set of hypervisor technologies, but also the ability to forecast potential Citrix XenApp loads based on either observed usage of the current systems or anticipated load for a transformation. This document covers the steps necessary to produce a model for XenApp deployment.

download   Software Rationalization and Remediation with SysTrack and Citrix AppDNA
Citrix AppDNA provides a quick, straightforward method to quickly analyze large numbers of packages. Pairing this with the ability of AppDNA to plug directly into the SysTrack DataMine to take collected data to provide immediate remediation instruction and packaging provides unparalleled effort and time savings. This document details this integration.

Solution Integration - VMware

download   SysTrack Cloud Edition for VMware vCloud Air
SysTrack Cloud Edition provides a quick and easy way to take advantage of SysTrack as a cloud based service by handling all of the data staging and management needs necessary to process the tremendous volume of information collected by the SysTrack micro-agent.

More Solutions

download   Samsung Zero Client Environmental Impact Analysis and Forecasting
Samsung addresses the client complexity of migrating to a VDI based desktop environment with their NC series zero clients by integrating the client into a high-efficiency display, resulting in a simple, secure, and power efficient client access device that can greatly simplify the management requirements for IT admins. However, a zero client may not be a great fit for the work requirements of certain segments of the environment, and understanding which users may benefit is where an analysis of the client environment with SysTrack becomes essential.

download   SysTrack Delivery Optimization and Planning for NVIDIA GRID
NVIDIA GRID is a novel and powerful technique for delivering the advanced graphics users need in virtual infrastructure. SysTrack make it easy to identify which segments of the user population have the most need for graphical processing to plan out a successful implementation, and to monitor end-user experience in the steady-state environment.

Security and Risk Mitigation

download   Risk Visualization with SysTrack
The IT staff is trying to optimize for security and productivity, but reduced security and deteriorated productivity are both unacceptable outcomes. The bottom line is that both security and performance should be given equal priority - which means as end user computing leaders define “acceptable user experience,” information security leaders need to define their organization’s “acceptable risk.”


download   Optimizing the ROI of End User Devices
This white paper calculates the desktop TCO and explains how the optimization tools of SysTrack can generate significant savings and a compelling ROI.

download   Leading Transformation and Kicking the 80/20 Budget Habit
Learn how a CIO can escape the "80/20 trap" by freeing up funding heretofore locked within the run budget and use the freed up funding to not only innovate within his/her own organization but also foster innovation across the enterprise.


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