Windows Migration

Inherent Windows readiness risks and
opportunities drive need for deep insight
into servers, applications and end users

Most IT executives are either aggressively planning a large-scale migration to Windows — or have one already in progress.

IT executives need to consider the most effective processes and tools to achieve a smooth transition with minimal impact on business performance and profitability. Specifically, IT needs tools that provide critical assistance in ensuring reliable deployments, reducing compatibility issues and maintaining end-user productivity.

SysTrack provides enterprise data centers with comprehensive Windows 10 application rationalization and pre-virtualization analysis, modeling and planning support to help them determine the right application delivery platform.

Readiness Assessment/Inventory/Rationalization

  • Detailed usage and consumption application data and workflow
  • Resource consumption – Usage of system resources by a given application
  • Active use metrics – Measurement of the actual time an application is being interacted with and when the application is loaded
  • Granular application usage data allows for in depth application rationalization, not only if the application has been used, but tracks how much as been used, how many times used, loaded versus active and concurrency and when used to give complete picture of real-world usage
  • Use Case analysis and modeling – discover interdependencies of applications and conflicts
  • Application rationalization workflow – Modeling tool to facilitate rationalization

Application Compatibility Reporting

  • Application virtualization candidate analysis and VDI/Terminal Services modeling

Application Distribution

  • Discover interdependence for software distribution, improving success rates of distribution
  • Analyze application resource demands and plan future roll-outs
  • Compliance reporting and analytics on distribution regardless of the software distribution methodology

Integrated Migration Solution

Lakeside, Citrix AppDNA and AppSense have collaborated to create an integrated Windows migration solution with a simplified management application that leverages "best of breed" technologies to reduce cost, accelerate the project and reduce risk.

Take a No Cost Windows 10 Migration Assessment
Identify which users and endpoints are the best candidates for Windows 10,
and identify any issues or concerns for application dependencies
and hardware limitations that require remediation prior to Windows 10 upgrade.



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Impact Assessment: Windows 10 and Office 365 for the Enterprise Desktop

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Windows 10 Migration Success with SysTrack

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