Citrix Assessment

At Lakeside Software, we are firm believers that understanding the user experience is critical to selecting and deploying the best technology for an environment. Having insight into applications with which the users are interacting, what kind of compute and network resources are being consumed, hardware profiles, software portfolio overview, mobility summaries and similar type data allows IT to make smart decisions for the organization.

With this mentality, we teamed up with Citrix to bring you a free assessment on your environment to identify opportunities for simplifying management, reducing support costs and increasing security.

How it works

The SysTrack Desktop Assessment for Citrix is a free, cloud-based solution. Sitting directly on end user endpoints, a Citrix XenApp server for instance, this lightweight agent collects and stores point-in-time data locally on that server and then summarizes and condenses the data to a cloud-based SQL database. End user data is then analyzed and measured against Citrix offerings in order to provide you with a detailed report on the state and usage of your environment.

The result? An opportunity to boost productivity by reducing inefficiencies and improving end user experience.


What you get

A free service, the SysTrack Desktop Assessment will provide you with reports that can help guide planning, deploy and optimize your Citrix investments.

Key factors that are measured and reported on include:

  • Skype for Business usage assessment
  • Licensing analysis
  • System demand overview
  • Virtualization fit
  • Latency summary
  • Mobility and secure browser assessment
  • Software portfolio overview