Long gone are the days where only designers and gamers had high graphical requirements. With new technologies and upgraded versions of productivity software upping their graphics usage, organizations are having difficulty understanding the graphical requirements of a virtualized environment. As a matter of fact, NVIDIA estimates there are approximately 725M end-users whose workflow touches applications of varying graphics demands.

To help gain more insight into what proportion of the workforce may depend on graphics intensive applications to be productive, we collaborated with NVIDIA to bring you our free SysTrack Desktop Assessment for NVIDIA GRID, NVIDIA’s graphics virtualization platform. This cloud-based assessment gathers insight into the user environment and provides concrete recommendations on the best GPU hardware and software combination based on usage and need.

How it works

The SysTrack Desktop Assessment for NVIDIA GRID is a free, cloud-based solution. Sitting directly on end user endpoints, this lightweight agent captures detailed metrics and data about end-user environments, analyzes their usage and behavior, and correlates that data with NVIDIA GRID’s offering to provide the most detailed recommendation on how to successfully transform your desktop environment accounting for graphical demands.

What you get

A free service, the SysTrack Desktop Assessment will provide you with reports that can help guide planning, sizing and deploying NVIDIA GRID.

Key factors that are measured and reported on include:

  • Software usage information
  • Report on graphically intensive applications in your environment
  • Potential CPU consumption
  • Enterprise system configurations
  • De-risking Windows 10 migrations and rollouts
  • Software inventory including package version
  • User workload generated
  • Current user experience including the user health score

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