VMware Assessment

Before you can decide how to best leverage VMware products, you first need to understand your users’ needs: how do they work? Which licensing is needed? What is their usage? etc. Put simply, a new and optimized environment is only possible when there is a clear understanding of how users use the current one.

In light of this, we teamed up with VMware to build the SysTrack Desktop Assessment: Our free, cloud-based assessment that enables organizations to capture detailed metrics and data about their end-user environment and leverage that information to plan, optimize and deploy VMware solutions.

How It Works

The SysTrack Desktop Assessment gathers in-depth information about your current hardware and software and its configuration. It also discovers how users are using their existing computing environment, by analyzing their real world software, web and network usage patterns. This helps target the most valuable use cases and validate the right solution to fit your end-users specific needs.

It does all of this without requiring any commitment of time, effort or money to setup an infrastructure, as it is automatically provisioned for you.

What You Get

A free service, the SysTrack Desktop Assessment will provide you with reports that can help guide planning, sizing and deploying VMware implementations.

Additionally, the SysTrack Desktop Assessment will provide meaningful recommendations such as recommended deployment methodologies that best match your users’ needs and which Horizon tools will best support them.

Key factors that are measured and reported on include:

  • Windows 10 readiness
  • User behavior
  • User workload generated including
    • CPU (MIPS)
    • Memory
    • Network
    • I/O
  • Software inventory including package version
  • Software usage information
  • Website usage
  • Current end-user experience including the user health score

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