Agility, adaptability, resiliency, flexibility.

Whatever you call it, almost every IT team has been thinking about the same thing these past few months: digital dexterity.

As Covid-19 vaccinations continue to roll out and many public health restrictions are lifted worldwide, organizations have some big decisions to make about the future workplaces. And while it might be instinctive to simply return to the familiar ways of doing things before remote work, the reality isn't that easy.

Thanks to the pandemic, expectations about how and where people work have permanently changed. And organizations need to change, too, in order to stay competitive and keep employees productive.

So what does that mean exactly for the future of work? How will it shape digital workplaces? What will be the impact on digital employee experience (DEX)? And how can businesses and IT adapt to the changes and challenges ahead?

During Lakeside Software's first-ever DEXterity Virtual Conference, held May 26-27, we invited thought leaders, technology partners, customers, and even our own Lakesiders to weigh in on some of these big questions, as well as offer strategies and solutions for tackling the new challenges employees and organizations face. (Missed the event? No problem. Watch the on-demand sessions here.)

The results? Here are a few of the standout highlights from the two-day virtual event.