Back at Ignite 2018, Microsoft announced Windows Virtual Desktop—delivering on their promise to allow enterprise IT to run multi-user Windows 10 virtual desktops on Azure. Since then, we’ve been working behind the scenes with Microsoft to develop an assessment that would enable our customers to identify which end-user computing workloads would be a good fit for this offering ever since the service first launched in a private preview.

Today, Microsoft announced they are expanding the Windows Virtual Desktop preview to the public, and together we are unveiling the public preview of our Windows Virtual Desktop assessment tool.


Windows Virtual Desktop Assessment


Is Windows Virtual Desktop Right for Your Organization?

Those of you who know us may already be familiar with our industry-leading assessments for VMware and Citrix workspace offerings. The goal of the SysTrack Windows Virtual Desktop assessment is to provide you with easy answers to the following questions:

  • Which Windows workloads are a good fit for Windows Virtual Desktop transformation?
  • What is the best configuration for Windows 10 multi-user to ensure consistent end-user experience?
  • How many user workloads can you fit on each Windows 10 multi-user tenant?
  • Which Windows 7 workloads can be migrated to Windows 10 multi-user?
  • Which VDI workloads are a good fit for Azure-hosted Windows Virtual Desktops, and which are a better fit for on-prem VDI?

Once you’ve identified and transformed your workloads to Windows Virtual Desktops, SysTrack continues to provide value with our industry-leading digital experience monitoring capabilities, including Office 365 monitoring, as well as AIOps for Windows Server Remote Desktop Services. Our goal is to partner with you to easily deploy, monitor, scale your Windows desktops and apps quickly and easily through the power of Azure while providing excellent end-user experience.

Check out our free Windows Virtual Desktop assessment public preview here. We look forward to being part of your transformation journey.

Why Digital Experience Monitoring Is Ideal for Assessing WVD

Digital experience monitoring has become a new method for insight into end-user experience. Digital experience monitoring solutions do this by analyzing usage as well as performance data of IT resources end users interact with, from applications and services to hardware to network.

At Lakeside, we are believers that the desktop itself is the last remaining and most privileged point of view from which to perform this type of monitoring. This is because from the desktop, IT can understand not only how much resource an application is using but also how network is impacting user experience, which critical compute resources are running low and so much more. That is why we’re confident that SysTrack will be your tool of choice for assessing Windows Virtual Desktop readiness.