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Lakeside is the leader in digital employee experience, helping over 500 businesses worldwide proactively optimize the relationship between employees and the tech stacks at the core of productivity.

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Distributed data collection through a lightweight agent.
10,000 data points every 15 seconds from every desktop, tablet, and mobile device
Sensor engine constantly running 1,200+ automated investigations to process and analyze data
3 year data retention to support long-term digital transformations
Automated and custom employee groups by persona, endpoint type, workstyle, behavior, and more to segment data
Comprehensive digital workplace visibility with Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS, ChromeOS, Citrix, VMWare, Nutanix, and AVD support
Library of solution-based dashboards and scripts to solve specific challenges - including Green IT/sustainability, OS and VDI migrations, hardware rationalizations, and more.
Proactive IT
Dynamic grid visualization of top issues across the estate by severity and system count for quick prioritization.
Custom alerts for proactive operations
RCA & Analytics
L1 RCA & remediation workflow available in native UI and ServiceNow
Performance and usage analytics for installed
software and SaaS-based applications.
Blackbox of endpoint data for real time and historical data to view before, during, and after an issue or rollout.
ROI metrics based on impact to productivity

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