WVD Paths to Success | Expert Panel with Lakeside, Microsoft, Rimo3, and IGEL

What does the journey to a successful Windows Virtual Desktop (now called Azure Virtual Desktop) implementation look like? Our panel of WVD experts discusses best practices for planning, executing, and optimizing a migration to virtual desktops on Azure.

The discussion covers the full WVD lifecycle, including:

  • App modernization and automated testing
  • Desktop assessment and digital experience management
  • Securing and managing your endpoints

This event is part of a series on WVD essentials featuring speakers from Lakeside, Microsoft, IGEL, and Rimo3.

Watch WVD Paths to Success: Part 2


Meet Our Panelists

  • John Jenner, WVD Global Black Belt at Microsoft | Jenner is a WVD GBB with WW Commercial Business, providing technical depth for cloud implementations across the globe. He has been involved with WVD since its inception and has been integral part to the adoption of VDI for Microsoft’s customers.
  • Samit Halvadia, CTO at Rimo3 | Halvadia joined Rimo3 from Citrix, who acquired App-DNA in 2011. He has spent the entirety of his nearly two-decade career in the enterprise application delivery and management space… and does not seem to get tired of it.
  • Casey Cheyne, VP of Cloud at IGEL | Cheyne has over two decades of experience in enterprise cloud solutions. Today at IGEL, he manages partnerships with the largest public cloud vendors in the world.
  • Ben Murphy, Senior Director of Product at Lakeside | Murphy leads product at Lakeside as well as integrations for various solutions such as Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, NVIDIA GPUs, and ServiceNow ITSM augmentation.
  • Mike Broadwood, Strategic Alliances at Lakeside | Broadwood works with strategic Lakeside partners including Microsoft to bring world class solutions to market. An enthusiastic WVD advocate, he will moderate the discussion between our panel of experts.