SysTrack can help you anticipate your users’ graphical needs.

The modern workspace is experiencing increasingly vivid and interactive software that is challenging entrenched beliefs about the nature of corporate work. In the past, IT supplied users with hardware and software that far exceeded anything employees interacted with in their off-time. Now, users are the ones setting the pace for technology needs and adoption. Operating system and application vendors push the envelope in user interface design. Business leaders are looking to harness this evolving demand to accelerate the implementation of technology with the aim of enhancing employee engagement and performance.

John Fanelli Vice president

"With Lakeside Software’s SysTrack workspace analytics, administrators gain contextually relevant NVIDIA vGPU insights and can continuously assess and align vGPU benefits to user personas."

Use Cases

vGPU Benefits Analysis

GPU virtualization can help make sure virtual desktop performance is optimal. But it’s essential to know when, where, and which vGPU cards would provide benefit before committing to an investment. SysTrack performs a continuous analysis of user personas and workspaces, providing visibility into which workspaces require dedicated hardware, shared hardware, or passthrough GPU virtualization.

vGPU Monitoring

vGPU monitoring is a key component of vGPU adoption. Lakeside provides comprehensive management and monitoring components to help ensure that accelerated desktops and applications deliver the immersive experience users expect.

NVIDIA Assessments

Using your own data, learn which users would benefit from accelerated virtual desktops and applications.

Cloud-hosted assessment
Detailed vGPU and VDI recommendations
Accurate reporting on your environment

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