SysTrack dramatically lowers service desk costs and improves productivity

Imagine if your IT service desk had an endpoint time machine. If every time an employee opened a ticket, support could immediately have access to all the relevant device, network, and application data pertaining to the issue as well as top problems and suggested resolutions. That is what SysTrack for ServiceNow accomplishes. If you currently use ServiceNow, SysTrack can further reduce time and effort required to resolve IT issues, bringing the end user back to full productivity sooner.

Margaret Arakawa General Manager
Windows 10 & Devices, Microsoft

"Lakeside Software provides essential IT telemetry for Windows 10 with their SysTrack end-user analytics platform. SysTrack helps customers reduce helpdesk costs and improve risk management by providing an ‘inside out’ view of desktop performance and user interactions."

ServiceNow® use cases

End-User Analytics for Service Management

From an end user’s perspective, whenever performance degradation (“My laptop is slow”) occurs or access to an IT service is denied (“I cannot access my email”), they expect the IT service desk to assist them. However, today IT no longer manages every aspect of IT – many applications and other business-critical IT resources are managed by third parties. SysTrack for ServiceNow augments IT’s visibility into the endpoint by providing relevant endpoint data to improve productivity and the end-user experience.

Whenever an IT support ticket is opened, SysTrack inserts a snapshot of the end-user’s endpoint at the time the issue was identified, including detailed system resource, application state and user activity data. This enables support teams to accelerate resolution and root cause analysis. Customers using SysTrack for ServiceNow® augmentation have benefited from 40% reduction in time to resolve open tickets and 18% reduction in IT service desk tickets opened.

Configuration Management Database

The ServiceNow Configuration Management Database is a cloud-based single system of record for infrastructure and service data. The CMDB helps organizations better understand the IT environment in the areas of business service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management. SysTrack enables ServiceNow CMDB customers to know exactly what hardware and software assets exist on each desktop, and to track and record any changes to the configuration.

SysTrack CMDB integration allows help desk personnel to have visibility into users’ hardware/software configurations as well detailed data for asset management, asset allocation and system changes even when an asset is not on the network. How? SysTrack’s analytical agent sits on the endpoint monitoring and analyzing user data directly from the source.  The result is robust and accurate user data ServiceNow customers can use to extract even further value from ServiceNow CMDB capabilities.

Automatic Alarm and Ticket Integration

Beyond deep insight into the end user environment, SysTrack for ServiceNow also provides proactive and actionable intelligence, alerting IT of the specific incident and the data needed to take proactive action.

SysTrack monitors hundreds of endpoint elements, compares them to dynamic thresholds and performs in depth event correlation. Depending on these events, SysTrack can create incident and problem requests with ServiceNow through formatted SMTP emails. This allows the service desk to be proactively notified on problems with the end user environment such as memory leaks, events, hardware issues, hard disk, network, application crashes, and more!

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