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Strategic Lakeside Software Partners

A critical part of our offering, our partnerships allow us to continue our efforts in helping optimize IT environments for end users. Through our strategic partnerships, we are able to provide vendor-specific assessments on their services and solutions, implementation guidance for deployment and monitoring support for IT thereafter.

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As one of the world’s largest IT companies, IBM works to help businesses innovate. Today, IBM Global Technology Services professionals worldwide use Lakeside Software to support and accelerate customers’ virtualization deployments in desktop assessments delivered as part of the IBM Smart Business Desktop portfolio of services.

Embedded in IBM’s Smart Migration and Application delivery, SysTrack provides a comprehensive planning approach for Windows, mobility and virtualization planning.

Lakeside and IBM have been collaborating for years helping clients design high performing "Smarter Workplace" infrastructures to meet the demands of the new workplace including mobility, “bring-your-own-device” and better performing virtualized environments.

IBM's Smart Migration and Application Delivery (SMAD) planning model integrates Lakeside's Systrack capabilities with other best practice tools and methodologies to ensure optimal performance design for end user productivity. The SMAD approach provides a fact based planning cycle which is then leveraged as a base line for future fine tuning.

"Together with IBM's proven technology expertise, research capabilities, and market leading partners like Lakeside, we are constantly innovating smarter workplace solutions for hundreds of clients worldwide helping them speed time to value."

Mary Jane Couldridge
IBM Global Director for Workplace Services
Sales Strategy and Execution
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DXC Technology

A product of the merger between CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), DXC is a leading, independent, end-to-end IT services company. Their Workplace and Mobility Services arm helps organizations embrace the new ways of working in order to move to a secure, richer, digital workplace experience.

Through our partnership, Lakeside Software’s SysTrack helps enable DXC’s analytical capabilities for proactive support by providing DXC’s Workplace and Mobility Services arm with the endpoint visibility and analytics they need to resolve end user problems impacting productivity.

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HP focuses on simplifying technology experiences for its customers - from individual consumers to the large enterprises. Among HPs integral offerings is their Client Virtualization, Analysis and Modeling service, for planning and implementing successful virtualization projects.

Lakeside Software helps enhance this service by providing the superior end user experience data HP clients need to help implement HP client virtualization solutions and achieve a greater return on technology investments.

"One of the key success criteria for a client virtualization project is to understand the user segments in a customer environment, which are suited to Client Virtualization, and the workload your virtualized desktops will require.

Examining your current workload on existing clients, on a per user basis, is the best way of determining the server, storage, and network requirements you’ll need specific to your environment and usage, to accurately plan the implementation. Extending that understanding to the details of the applications and how they are used, as well as which applications can or should be virtualized, fills out the rest of the client virtualization picture. With these essential pieces of information you can effectively model your client virtualization infrastructure.

HP uses Lakeside’s SysTrack product, and has built our Client Virtualization, Analysis & Modeling service around that product, because of its specific capabilities to uncover these details."

Tom Norton
Microsoft Consulting
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Fujitsu, the world’s fifth-largest IT services provider leading Japanese IT and communication technology company, has been one of the leading proponents for end user analytics.

Today, Fujitsu brings end user analytics to practice through their Workplace Anywhere offerings, providing organizations with a single platform in which to gather real time and historical data from any source.

Powered by SysTrack Technology, Fujitsu’s End User Analytics is able to provide their customers with end user analytics, end user experience, monitoring and hosted virtual desktop monitoring.

"SysTrack enhances our ability to analyze our customers’ environments and deliver improved end user experiences by deriving deeper insights from their data and usage. The dynamic dashboards allow us to create complex, real-time views into critical information on demand."

Nicholas Lee
Senior Director
End User Services
Fujitsu America

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