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Intelligent Edge

Intelligent Edge collects over 10,000 datapoints every 15 seconds, combine this with hundreds of smart sensors constantly investigating every endpoint to detect and resolve issues without intervention from IT.

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A new way of working

This new way of working has put tremendous pressure on existing IT infrastructure and processes. Devices can no longer be accessed by simply walking down the hall. Applications are frequently cloud-based, meaning reliability is often at the mercy of a third-party provider. Employees are using multiple devices, adding further complexity to an already complicated environment.

All combined, finding that single source of truth has become all the more difficult for IT.


Put IT on the digital doorstep of your employees

The only way to address today’s most pressing user-experience challenges is through a cloud solution that captures complete digital experience data at scale, proactively detects priority issues, and then automates actions and resolutions.

Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud and its Intelligent Edge approach was purpose-built to provide value across these areas for hybrid, highly-distributed workplaces. The Intelligent Edge collects more than 10,000 data points every 15 seconds at the edge and then combines this with hundreds of smart sensors constantly running investigations on every endpoint to automatically detect and resolve issues on directly on the endpoint without intervention from IT.

Powerful analytics are applied to this rich repository of content to drive rapid detection of IT anomalies affecting users, allowing IT to proactively manage experience and prioritize service delivery. This is done with the only solution that’s cloud-optimized for scalability, security, and anonymity, which allows you to deploy quickly and satisfy all regulatory requirements around privacy compliance.

We have chosen SysTrack because we saw it could help us deliver projects that meet our expectations. The solution is very easy to install, run, and interpret reliable measurement data in real time.

Gülsen Bayramusta CIO Turkish Aerospace Industries

Lakeside's Intelligent Edge Advantage

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Go beyond just passive monitoring to action and automation right on the device.


Powered by 700+ sensors constantly running automated investigations on every end point.

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Sensor library pack is automatically updated with new sensors on a monthly basis.

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