Proactive Service Operations

Make the leap from reactive to proactive IT support by predicting issues, automating resolutions, and improving digital experiences

Take a Better Approach to IT Support

Excellent IT support isn’t just a matter of fixing hardware and software when something goes wrong. It
requires looking beyond infrastructure to troubleshoot digital experiences, too.
But it's not enough to react to problems only after they’ve impacted productivity. To provide a higher
level of IT support and ensure better digital employee experiences, service desks need to take a much
more proactive approach.

Provide Ongoing Support to Remote Workers

Once you’ve successfully transitioned your workforce to remote, you can monitor performance to ensure that employees are able to work productively under this new model. By comparing the in-office baselines to remote baselines, IT can understand whether application performance, usage, or end-user experience have been impacted.

Additionally, should a remote user experience an IT issue and require support, your IT team will be able to drill into that system to find and resolve the root cause of the problem.

With the help of Remote Work Performance Monitoring, your IT team can help deliver the same level of experience employees are accustomed to in the office at home.

Start the Switch from Reactive to Proactive

To overcome these challenges and provide effective proactive IT support, Lakeside Software’s Digital Experience Cloud equips organizations with the insights and tools necessary to identify, solve, and even predict issues impacting digital employee experience.

Powered by Lakeside’s digital management solution, SysTrack, our cloud-native platform captures more than 10,000 metrics across 175 different classes of objects every 15 seconds, providing the depth and breadth of data needed to spot issues and disruptions affecting end users. It also leverages artificial intelligence and automation capabilities for predictive analysis and preventative actions using the latest SysTrack features, further shifting IT toward a whole new level of support: Level 0.

It’s a Challenging New World for IT

Traditional incident resolution — where IT waits for end users to report issues before beginning remediation — simply doesn’t work for modern workplaces.

That’s because digital environments have become increasingly diverse and complex. Limited visibility — especially with remote work — creates blind spots across organizations. And while support tickets might point to some issues that are impacting digital experiences, there are likely a dozen or more problems end users haven't reported.

These challenges end up forcing service desks to devote more time, personnel, and resources toward incident resolution, and cost organizations downtime, lost productivity, and sometimes employees.

Proactive IT Support Solutions from Lakeside

SysTrack AIOps

Using AI processing to analyze endpoint data, the SysTrack AIOps tool unlocks sensors and alarms, pattern discovery, and more to identify, solve, and even automate resolutions across the digital environment.

Intelligent dashboards

IT teams can easily create customized views that prioritize the most relevant metrics and unlock insights needed for specific actions, such as determining adverse impacts caused by updates, segmenting users into different personas, or right-sizing for VDI migration projects.