3 Steps to Optimize Your VDI Environment

A CUGC webinar hosted by NVIDIA

Long gone are the days where only designers and gamers had high graphical requirements. With new technologies and upgraded versions of productivity software upping their graphics usage, organizations are having difficulty understanding the graphical requirements of a virtualized environment. As a matter of fact, Lakeside estimates that the number of graphics accelerated applications has doubled since 2011 and over 60% of enterprise users access at least one graphics accelerated application. With Lakeside’s Workspace Analytics solution SysTrack, we make it easy to:

  • Assess which segments of the user population have the most need for graphical processing

  • Plan out and lead a successful implementation

  • Monitor end-user experience in the steady-state environment


Watch this CUGC webinar where we discuss:

  • The benefits of end-to-end management and monitoring for your GPU-enabled virtualized infrastructure

  • The Lakeside SysTrack tool for NVIDIA virtual GPU monitoring

  • Real-world implementations and the impact it has had on organizations