CUGC Webinar: Citrix App & Desktop VDI with End-to-End Performance Tracking [Featuring IGEL]

The holy grail of virtualization has always been to offer superior performance to the fat client desktop. This is now achievable with fast networks and high performance graphics, both at the endpoint and in the datacenter. However, there is ONE thing missing, which IGEL and Lakeside will elucidate on this webinar: Tracking performance from end-user to the datacenter so you can pinpoint problems both in real time and historically.

We'll be demonstrating and answering questions about:

  • End-user experience from the endpoint to the datacenter–where is the problem, really?
  • Network performance, signal strength–where's the bottleneck?
  • Historical perspective–when was it a problem, and what was happening then?
  • Why you're "really" having issues with Skype and GoToMeeting!