Deliver More Efficient Healthcare with Digital Experience Management

How to improve the health of your digital environment

With healthcare workers reporting the most IT issues per week of any industry, the time these interruptions take away from patient care has made the digital experience for healthcare workers a critical priority. Persistent problems like slow logins and EMR system downtime impact efficiency, frustrate staff, delay patient care, and impact costs for healthcare organizations.

To address these issues, IT teams must shift from a reactive approach to incident management to a proactive and preventative one. In this webinar, you will learn how predictive analytics and automation can help IT get in front of problems proactively before they impact digital experience. Additionally, you will learn:

  • Results of first-ever research about the state of healthcare digital experience in 2021
  • How to eliminate visibility gaps and get insight into digital experience within your environment
  • Best practices on how healthcare organizations are transforming IT and delivering better experiences for healthcare workers