Digital Experience Monitoring for Managed Workplace Services

A Lakeside Software webcast featuring Gartner

Managed Workplace Services providers play an important role in the enterprise ecosystem, but one that is increasingly commoditized and struggling for differentiation. How can providers differentiate their offering from the next-best alternative?

The key is in shifting away from legacy uptime metrics like response time and number of tickets, and toward metrics that are more meaningful metrics to both provider and customer alike.

Join featured Gartner Research Vice President, David Groombridge, and Lakeside Software Vice President of Managed Workplace Services, Dan Salinas, as they share how providers can differentiate themselves in a commoditized Managed Workplace Services market using digital experience monitoring.

From this webinar, you will take away:

  • The current state of the Managed Workplace Services market, according to Gartner research
  • Recommendations on how providers can differentiate their service offering
  • The benefits Managed Workplace Services providers can experience from strong Employee Engagement
  • What an Experience Level Agreement (XLA) is and why providers are adopting that measure
  • How Managed Workplace Services provider margins can be improved by monitoring users’ digital experience
  • Lakeside Software’s offering for helping providers become more profitable by adopting XLAs

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