Level 0

Reduce IT costs with automated resolution and self-service

Running smoother IT operations with Level 0

To increase IT service desk efficiency and end-user engagement in the digital workplace, IT teams have set the goal of reducing the number of simple, repeatable incidents and service requests. SysTrack enables you to "shift left" incidents and service requests so that you can run smoother IT operations. Using an eliminate, automate or leverage approach, SysTrack identifies recurring and common incidents using AIOps and triages them based on their end-user experience impact. While issues are being researched, affected users can be notified that IT is aware of the issue, and when a solution is available, it can automatically be rolled out to all those impacted without the need for service desk engagement.

Faster, cheaper solutions for IT problems

Triage issues based on actual end-user experience impact

Empower the help desk to solve problems without the need to interact with end users or devices

Find root causes for failures and performance degradation issues

Service Desk TCO

IT Service Management has traditionally been three-tier support hierarchy:

Level 0

automated resolution and self-service enable many level 1 functions to migrate to level 0, and some level 2 functions can be shifted-left to level 1.

SysTrack ROI

Gartner peer insights cost data shows that the financial impact of Level 0 support is less than 10% of Level 1.

Level 3 Application Developers or Service Stakeholders $599 PER TICKET Level 2 Specialized Service Desk $104 PER TICKET Level 0 Self-healing & Self-service $2 PER TICKET Level 1 Frontline Service Desk $22 PER TICKET

Level 0

Reducing the Cost of IT Support

Level 0 transformation can make a significant impact on the perceived quality and actual cost of IT support operations. For example, industry-average cost data from Gartner has the cost of Level 0 support at less than one-tenth the cost of Level 1 costs, and Level 1 support one-fifth of the cost of Level 2. The more tickets that can be shifted to the left, the cheaper they are to resolve.

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Eliminate Low-Value, Avoidable Issues and Requests

Reduce the number of contacts into your IT service desk by eliminating the reason for that contact in the first place. SysTrack enables you to focus on the interactions that both the business consumer and the IT service desk find frustrating to resolve. From the end-user perspective, when access to an IT service is denied, they are unable to work at full effectiveness, if at all. IT service desks can assist them by restoring access, but this does not add value, it simply gets them back to where they were before the issue presented itself. After this, the end user may resume work at previous levels of effectiveness and may be behind on the workload with a need to catch up. Automating resolution avoids unnecessary interaction between end users and the service desk, enabling IT to focus on issues that require heavy lifting.

Solution Brief
A Self-Healing Help Desk

Eliminate Issues Before They Occur with Predictive Resolution

SysTrack AIOps sensors and actions give you the ability to detect and resolve common and repetitive issues. This helps keep maintenance activities running round the clock in autonomic mode and eliminate issues before they become problems. Additionally, with SysTrack Community’s collective intelligence benchmarking, you gain the intelligence of the entire SysTrack customer and partner ecosystem, so that solutions to new problems are automatically added to automated actions as soon as they are validated.

SysTrack AIOps Overview

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