Asset Optimization

Derive the most value out of your IT assets

The Challenge

IT asset optimization has become increasingly difficult but for a good reason: organizations have embraced new IT solutions for the improvement of overall workflow. However, those same technologies have also prompted a mismatch between IT expenses and the needs of end-users. To optimize the cost of technology for the needs of end-users, a closer match between utilized and installed or purchased IT resources is more important than ever.

The SysTrack Solution

In order to provide you with endpoint visibility into the overall state of IT, SysTrack visualizes and analyzes application usage, licensing, hardware performance, protocol traffic, automated backend-server detection and analysis and more! The result? Now you can have an accurate view of your IT environment and what it needs to enable end-user productivity. Any inefficiencies such as unused licenses, maxed out storage and rarely used applications, can be re-evaluated or re-purposed according to SysTrack’s custom recommendations.

Know what applications, versions and licenses are in your environment and which are being used

Identify the right style and spec of the end point device for each user based on what they actually consume and their observed workstyle

Pinpoint the optimal time for a hardware/endpoint refresh

Be aware of all the servers and desktops in your network

Perform deployment assessments on hardware upgrades, refreshes, Windows 10, VDI and more!

Find root causes for failures and performance degradation issues

Achieve IT/Service provider SLA transparency

Asset Optimization Use Cases

Application License Utilization Management

From cost reduction initiatives to software audits, there are many reasons why application license utilization management has increased in popularity. SysTrack uniquely monitors and analyzes endpoint data and provides an accurate view of the licensing landscape along with its utilization. The result? IT that is powered to efficiently manage application licenses based on actual need and usage

Solution Brief
Monitoring and Management for Desktops and Servers

Need-Based Procurement

 “Does our technology fit our business needs?”  is a question looming over the heads of many IT teams. The truth is that just as organizations experience improvements in costs and workflow from new technologies, they also see a heaping number of unnecessary applications, licenses, processing power and storage. With SysTrack’s need-based procurement capabilities, organizations track the utilization of nearly every IT resource on every physical or virtual desktop. This capability helps optimize IT procurement and ongoing IT maintenance according to actual business need, not gut.

IT/Service Provider SLA Transparency

SLA’s in nature are straight forward agreements but they raise questions many IT teams struggle with answering such as, “When issues occur, who can fix them?” or “What are the root causes of SaaS issues?” Similarly, SLA vendors have difficulties vetting the claims they initially set out to achieve. SysTrack not only monitors the up and downtime for specific SLA’s, but it also quantifies the productivity impact those issues have on those who matter most: the end-users. When downtime is identified by SysTrack, IT teams can use SysTrack to expedite the problem resolution and minimize any lost productivity.

White Paper
Successful DaaS Implementations for Citrix Service Providers

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