Event Correlation and Analysis

Gather accurate and actionable data on your IT environment

The Challenge

For IT, analytical tools present a dilemma: the more powerful and useful a tool is and the more data it presents, the more complicated it is to extract meaningful insights from that tool. To gather useful insights into the end-user environment and how to optimize it to enable productivity, IT needs advanced analytical capabilities that simplify and correlate digital experience monitoring metrics across the entire IT environment.

The SysTrack Solution

Designed for scalability, mobility and minimal performance impact, SysTrack employs on each desktop or server a small, non-intrusive agent. This agent uses minimal resources and contains no kernel components that could compromise system integrity. Key to effectively manage big data without creating excessive network traffic is our unique and massively scalable DataMine™ distributed relational database architecture.

Know how the hardware and applications in your environment are performing and being used

Find the root cause of underperforming IT assets and failures in your system

Predict and prevent IT issue recurrence

Optimize IT investments based on need, usage and budget

Identify and minimize the components that negatively impact end-user experience

Tap into present and past endpoint data such as: networks accessed, binaries executed and much more!

Use the ideal licensing schemas for your environment and end-users

Event Correlation and Analysis Use Cases

IT Service Desk Optimization

IT Executives face the difficult task of delivering superior end-user experience while controlling help desk costs. Users' desktop problems are typically resolved in an inefficient manner that saps organizational productivity and wastes scarce technical resources. SysTrack provides heightened visibility into physical and virtual user desktops enabling you to quickly diagnose and resolve problems, dramatically enhancing end-user experience and productivity while significantly reducing IT personnel involvement.

Product Brief
SysTrack Resolve

Root Cause Analysis

Given the scale and complexity of many IT environments and endpoints today, IT has a difficult time pinpointing exactly the root cause of system failures, latency or performance decay. SysTrack’s powerful automated analysis and alerting provide easy-to-understand scoring of health with the performance information necessary for end-user experience optimization and root cause discovery.

Solution Brief
Service Desk Responsiveness

Insight Engine

Why is it so hard to get insight into the state of IT when almost every enterprise has invested heavily in IT analytics? In everyday life, we commonly use public search engines because they are easy to use and generally perform well. Understandably, many executives expect IT to deliver similar solutions with similar investment and effort. That is why we have developed Ask SysTrack, a capability within SysTrack that leverages IBM Watson Cognitive Services for its natural language user interface enabling IT teams to ask simple questions in plain English about their environment.

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