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Enhancing Employee Engagement

Improve employee experience and productivity by bridging the gap between employees and IT

The Consequences of Low Engagement

According to Gallup Research, more than three quarters of employees report feelings of burnout at least some of the time. The shift to remote work has drawn even more attention to rising burnout rates as employees juggle home and work priorities. Simultaneously, many companies are moving away from rigid workplace structures and embracing flexible dynamics, opening up new hiring pools and heating up the competition for top talent. 

To attract, retain, and enable employees to do their best work from anywhere, organizations must deliver outstanding employee experiences. Employee engagement is a key component of a strong EX culture, and one where IT can help make a big difference. 

Creating Engaging Digital Employee Experiences

From the front lines to the back office, ensuring employees have the right technology to do their jobs and that their devices and applications are running smoothly and securely is essential to modern business operations. In fact, Forrester’s Employee Experience Index attributes 30% of overall EX to an employee’s experience with technology. 

This connection between technology and EX, known as digital employee experience (DEX), is an area where IT must play a lead role as a force for change. By managing DEX throughout the employee journey, IT can help reduce digital friction and improve digital dexterity for better workforce productivity and business outcomes. 

of employee experience can be attributed directly to an employee's experience interactions with technology.
of C-level survey respondents say increased employee satisfaction and engagement is a benefit of superior DEX.
is the average productivity gain employees estimate if IT problems were fixed promptly and work devices functioned well.

Context-Driven Engagement with Lakeside

Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud enables IT to understand which employees are experiencing the most DEX impacts to proactively solve problems and engage when it counts.

Turn Digital Friction into Digital Dexterity

Use automated or IT-triggered engagement notifications to provide one-click fixes or steps to improve DEX.

Understand Employee Sentiment

Send surveys based on context-driven triggers, such as when DEX scores drop by >5%, and analyze sentiment with the help of natural language processing (NLP) to understand which areas and groups need the most support. 

Proactively Communicate Updates and Policies

Push timely communications to the employee’s workstation to provide updates and guidance in real-time. 

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