Why Systrack

Reduce IT costs and improve business productivity

Digital experience monitoring for improved IT operations and a better digital workplace

What is the ROI of digital experience monitoring?

Our ROI calculator can help you determine the impact SysTrack can have in your organization.

SysTrack gives you visibility and automation to reduce IT costs and support business productivity

Improve IT visibility

Access 10,000+ data points on IT performance and usage from every single endpoint

Boost Productivity

Quantify end-user experience and provide optimal end-user computing performance

Reduce costs

Identify overprovisioning, reduce volume of IT incidents and optimize IT operations

Monitor via one console

Get visibility into your entire environment for root cause analysis, performance benchmarking, right-sizing tech and more!

Be non-intrusive to users

Taking only 1% CPU, SysTrack will not bother your users and administrators love us for it

Track 400K+ endpoints

Monitor how resources and services are performing on every single endpoint, all 400,000+ of them

Identify user requirements

Continuously segment users into personas based on usage patterns to accommodate for workstyles and requirements

Leverage cloud or on-prem

Reap the management benefits of SaaS or the customization of on-prem as SysTrack can be housed on-prem or in the cloud

Margaret Arakawa General Manager
Windows 10 & Devices, Microsoft

"Lakeside Software provides essential IT telemetry for Windows 10 with their SysTrack end-user analytics platform. SysTrack helps customers reduce helpdesk costs and improve risk management by providing an ‘inside out’ view of desktop performance and user interactions."

How it Works

The Challenge

The way people work is changing. Across the world, staff is turning to apps and devices that allow them to work their own way - to get more done, faster. These new technologies represent great opportunity but also a challenge for IT, who looks to run a cost-effective operation while optimizing for the digital experience.

The Solution

SysTrack provides deep insight into end users, the business processes that encompass their jobs, and the technologies they use to get work done. By not only monitoring but also analyzing those three key areas, SysTrack provides you with actionable intelligence for delivering a superior end-user experience and enabling productivity.

1. Data

The key to better visibility into your environment is already in your environment: data. SysTrack uses an invisible agent to end users to collect nearly any feasible entity related to your end-user computing environment.

2. Monitoring

Working entirely on user mode, SysTrack uses custom-built sensors to continuously monitor telemetry, or data, on virtually every aspect impacting end-user experience: from how much resource an application or hardware is using to boot and login details.

3. Analytics

After the endpoint telemetry has been gathered, SysTrack analyzes it, looks for patterns and allows the point of collection to use a small amount of its resources to prevent the need for central processing.

4. Insight

Given the breadth and depth of data captured by SysTrack, its use cases are numerous. From determining and remediating your biggest user experience impacts to identifying the types of users in your environment for imaging purposes to tracking IT resource usage and performance, the data captured by SysTrack is used by many organizations for its cost savings and positive effects on end-user productivity.

Technology Overview

The core function of SysTrack's endpoint agent is to feed the Lakeside Software DataMine™ engine with rich, representative metrics from the endpoint. The result? A collection platform that scales to millions of systems with a simple, easy to manage hierarchical architecture and a minimal number of supporting servers.

Lightweight data collection agent
Minimal supporting servers
Patented distributed database approach
Customizable data collection engine for privacy control
Hierarchical architecture
Reporting for visibility into the total environment

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