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The ROI calculator you are about to use will provide you with an idea for the quantifiable benefits you can expect out of a digital experience monitoring tool like SysTrack. After answering just 10 questions about your environment, you will be presented with the estimated annual savings you could see using SysTrack regarding savings in…

Improve IT visibility

Access 10,000+ data points on IT performance and usage from every endpoint

Boost Productivity

Quantify end-user experience and provide optimal end-user computing performance

Reduce costs

Identify overprovisioning, reduce volume of IT incidents and optimize IT operations

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We promise the questions are short and easy! If you do not know the answer to any, you can simply answer "I don’t know" and we will use industry averages based off our research.

The Basics

What is your organization's name?
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Approximately how many end users are in your environment?
What is the average hourly wage for your employees?

What is SysTrack?

SysTrack is a digital experience monitoring solution that gathers and analyzes data on everything that may impact end-user experience and business productivity. Directly from the workspace, SysTrack captures data such as CPU, disk, memory, and other 10,000+ data points. These are then analyzed by SysTrack and used by IT in countless ways that lower costs and optimize operations including: lowering the amount of help desk tickets, identifying over and under-provisioning, reducing time to resolution, tracking SLA performance, measuring the performance of rollouts, and so much more.

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